The Process of Installing New Exterior Concrete

Installing new concrete has many benefits. It will improve your home’s aesthetics and resale value, make clearing snow easier and give you additional space to park your vehicles. Concrete is versatile in design. You can choose from a range of finishes including stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, broom finish and other decorative concrete. These finishes are also available in a variety of colours.

Concrete Impressions Inc. in Calgary specializes in exterior projects including driveways, sidewalks, patios, garage pads, steps, architectural walls and other special projects. They also offer decorative concrete floors and concrete demolishing and disposal services.

If you want to install a new concrete driveway for your home, here is the process you might expect:

Demolish and remove the old driveway.

First you must demolish your old driveway! This is when your concrete contractor will bring in heavy equipment to break up and remove your old concrete. They will take the old concrete and dispose of it responsibly. This green alternative is better for the environment and will save you expensive dumping fees at the local landfill.

Mark the utility lines before any digging.

All underground utilities must be marked before excavation happens. You can use Alberta One Call’s “Click Before You Dig” to have someone come out and mark your utility lines for free. Shaw Cable offers the same service to mark their underground cables. This is something your contractor will typically do for you.

Excavate and prepare the space.

Once everything is removed and underground lines are marked, the surface will be properly excavated and gravel will be packed down to create a layer between your new concrete and the ground. Hiring concrete contractors to come in with Bobcats and mini excavators will save you the back breaking labour of preparing the space yourself. For those smaller spaces, they will excavate the area by hand. You might notice some spray-painted lines on the space. This is to indicate where steps or different levels of the concrete will be.

Install bracing and supports.

Further prep includes putting wood bracing around the driveway, walkways or other spaces concrete will be poured. Rebar will be put in to ensure the strength of your new concrete and a conduit will be used for any utilities that might run under the new concrete. The crew will also put poly down along your house or garage to ensure no concrete splashes up onto the building.

Concrete is poured and finish is complete.

Once this is all complete, the concrete truck will arrive with your new concrete! Experienced concrete installers will spread it out and give it a final wipe and finish by hand. This process is a little different for each type of finish, but they will ensure you have the aesthetically pleasing exterior concrete you desire. Once everything is cleaned up and perfectly dry, they will come back and seal the concrete for a long-lasting and professional finish.

Concrete Contractors in Calgary

Concrete Impressions has served the Calgary and area for over 12 years. They aim to both meet and exceed their customer’s expectations, for both residential and commercial projects. They offer decorative concrete like stamped and exposed aggregate concrete as well as concrete breaking, removal & replacement.

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