The process of working with a general contractor

Working with a general contractor can be a breeze if you have the right company on your team and you understand the process. That way, your renovation will be well-planned and executed with fewer hiccups. General contractors like Nest Builder are always professional and do quality work.

Here are some tips for working with general contractors in St. Albert:

What they do

General contractors handle a lot of different roles beyond just managing a team. They negotiate and hire subcontractors, handle obtaining permits, order materials, and ensure things are up to code. They can also help with design and layout ideas and putting together a budget and game plan for the project. Essentially, a general contractor is at the helm of your project. Having an experienced contractor managing the renovation will take away stress and ensures quality results.

Licensed and experienced

Don’t hesitate to look around at different contractors before you make your final decision. A contractor should be fully licensed, insured, and experienced. If you are looking to hire for a specific project, then look for experience in that specific work, like a bathroom or general renovation. Take a look at past projects to get an idea of the type of work they’ve done in the past and the quality. A final process before you hire is to check references from past clients to hear about first-hand experiences. Then you can be sure about finding the right general contractors in Edmonton.

Clear communication

The first thing to do with a general contractor is to establish clear and open communication. Start with discussing your goals and plans for your St. Albert home renovations and what you want to get out of it. Then, decide how you will communicate during the project. Your general contractor will be your main point of contact during the work. Exchanging cell phone numbers will make it easier to provide updates or handle any problems if they arise. Scheduling regular updates will also ensure that you know what’s happening and can provide input as needed.

Put it in writing

Having a paper trail ensures that there’s no miscommunication or trouble during the work. Sometimes mishaps happen, like a delay in materials or unexpected structural issues. If that happens, having a clear paper trail will make it easier to find a solution. Make sure that everything from project and budget details, the timeline, permit fees, and other important details are on a formal, written contract. That way, everyone is always on the same plan and you are protected from a legal standpoint as well. Never hire a contractor that will not provide a written contract.

Meet regularly

While your contractor will send updates about the project, schedule regular times to also visit in person. You may catch mistakes early on or notice a change of play or layout that will work or look better. It also helps, in general, to do a walk-through to visually see how the work is going. At the end of the project, do a final walk-through before your contractor leaves. Look objectively to ensure that everything you want is in place and there are no issues or areas that you aren’t totally pleased with.

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