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You are thinking about putting your house on the market and want the most exposure possible, but you want to save on Realtor fees too.  Whether you have a solid understanding of the real estate market or not, partnering with SellerInvite will allow you to reap the benefits of both options: hiring a Realtor and selling by-owner.

SellerInvite is the first true hybrid real estate company in Canada to combine the benefits of using a licensed Realtor, with the freedom and savings of selling by-owner. SellerInvite offers reduced commission selling packages with unrestricted access to the MLS system and sellers have the freedom to choose different levels of service and Realtor representation.

SellerInvite offers choice for homeowners.

“For years sellers had little say in the manner in which they sold their home,” said Rod Thompson, Co-Founder of SellerInvite in an article published by Top Agent Magazine. “If you chose to sell by owner then you were limited to the exposure and service you would get. Choose a realtor and you would get the exposure and sometimes the service, but the cost was excessive. With SellerInvite, you get the highest level of service and exposure at a price that makes sense.”

SellerInvite offers four different packages starting at just $599, all of which include unlimited access to the MLS system and an at-home visit with one of the company’s licensed Realtors. Regardless of the package you choose, sellers will have access to one of SellerInvite’s experienced Realtors ready to provide you with guidance throughout the entire process.

“We feel that having a licensed Realtor is crucial to buying and selling a home,” Thompson told RenovationFind.  “Our approach is very different in that we tell our sellers what they need to hear to get their home sold, not what they want to hear just to get the listing. As simple as that sounds, it’s a dynamic shift in the industry and it requires us to challenge, and educate and empower our clients.”

SellerInvite was also the first company to allow sellers to choose cooperating commissions and buyers are offered 50 percent cash back on the commissions earned when they buy a house through the company.  They’re pick-and-choose services provide the opportunity to save your equity, a hard earned investment.  As we continue to go through tougher economic times, the ability to have the choice to save money is critical and gives sellers a big advantage in the market place.

“Our clients save a ton of money but still benefit from expertise on proper pricing and presentation of the home,” said Rod Thompson in the Top Agent Magazine article.  “We’re not pushing buyers or sellers in a certain direction, but are guiding them to make better decisions.  It’s really about selling smart and buying smart, and seeing our clients succeed has been the most rewarding aspect of all this.”

Contact SellerInvite to set up a Comparative Market Value appointment.  They will tell you more about how the company works and show you the different packages they offer

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