The Surprising Benefits of Office Wall Partitions

When many people think of office wall partitions they tend to think cubicles. That’s only natural since most of us were raised on the office cubicle. But the boundaries of the cubicle while technically “partitions” are not what we’re talking about here. The partitions that are the subject of this piece are free standing wall components that typically don’t have anything attached to them other than perhaps another partition. They may be 1/2 sized or 3/4 sized but in most cases they extend to the ceiling and are either opaque or glass or a combination of both. But whatever particular style they embrace they deliver a slew of benefits, some of which may surprise you.


Office Wall Partitions and Their Sometimes Unexpected Benefits


Office wall partitions come with a slew of benefits, some obvious and some not so obvious. Below are some of the not-so-obvious benefits of this element of contemporary office design.


  • A quieter office – Let’s say you have an office with some legacy cubicles and you’ve decided to remove the cubicles and divide the space using partitions instead. If you install full floor to ceiling partitions one of the first things you’ll notice is how much quieter your office is. That’s because, although cubicles are certainly hemmed in by a kind of wall, enormous amounts of noise actually drift over those walls into adjoining cubicles and the space at large. Installing office wall partitions to make more efficient use of your space – even if those partitions are glass and give the impression of a much more open office – will have the added benefit of making it quieter as well.


  • Reduced energy bills – Your intention when installing office wall partitions may have been to create a more flexible space, but one of the most welcome and often unexpected benefits will be a reduction in your energy bills. That’s because if you install glass partitions light that used to get trapped by opaque fixed walls will now be allowed to penetrate to the inner reaches of the office, negating the need for so many artificial lights. That warm sunshine will also serve to reduce your heating bills in the winter.


  • They go where you go – One of the best and most surprising benefits of office wall partitions is that, should you decide you need to move to a new office, your wall partitions can go with you. This will greatly reduce the cost of the move and almost eliminate build out time on the new space as well. It’s an unprecedented development in the history of the modern office and just serves to reinforce the revolutionary nature of these seemingly simple office design components.


  • They impress people – While you may have installed office wall partitions in an effort to increase the flexibility of your enterprise you’re going to find that their benefits extend beyond the merely practical. By that we mean you’re likely to hear plenty of compliments from your existing customers and you’ll likely also discover that your office can be a powerful ally in wooing new customers and attracting the type of talent you need to carry your business into the future.


The Bottom Line


You may have decided to purchase office wall partitions for strictly practical purposes but you’re going to discover they have some often surprising and perhaps unexpected benefits as well. From helping you attract a more talented workforce to slashing the costs associated with moving and more, office wall partitions are going to justify their already affordable price at every turn. Contact the office design pros at IMT Modular Partitions to learn more.


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