The value of a trusted paint and supply company

Whether you are a contractor or a DIY homeowner, finding the right store for your painting and decorating supplies is key. Contractors need quality materials that are readily available to provide for their customer’s needs. DIYers need supplies, but also sometimes they need a few professional tips for their projects. That’s where Calgary North Decorating Benjamin Moore, independently and locally owned in Calgary, can help.

They provide quality paint supplies and window coverings for DIY retail and servicing contractors alike. They share some more reasons why their company is the best place for your needs:

DIY: professional paint support

Painting is a great DIY project and a great way to save money on your renovation. Picking the right paint colour, quality, and finish, can feel stressful. Interior paint has qualities and requirements that are different from the exterior, and even paint finishes affect the final appearance. That’s why having professional support, like Calgary North Decorating, is so beneficial. Their team of experts can help suggest the right colour combinations, finishes, or unique options like chalk paint and where to use it. If you’re not sure how much paint is necessary for the job, give them your total square footage of the surface you want to paint and they’ll sell you the right amount.

DIY: interior designer window covering help

Window coverings will add style and privacy and provide better energy savings for your home. Your monthly bills will go down, and your home’s value up. Between blinds, shades, and shutters, picking the right style and look for your home is more involved than just based on looks alone. Having a professional interior designer to help means you get professional advice and support to make sure your purchase is the right investment. Calgary North Decorating offers that service when you need new window coverings. Their professional interior designers will come to your home and offer a free consultation and quote for the perfect price and match.

Contractor: timely service

As a contractor, getting materials on time and quickly is an important part of keeping up with renovation timelines. Delays in orders can lead to costly problems or drawing out a project that shouldn’t take that long. For homeowners who need a timely turnaround, whether to sell or otherwise, that can be a major problem. It’s up to the contractor to ensure a smooth process, making a trusted company a key part of that role. Once you have all the right supplies, materials, and amounts, Calgary North Decorating can save time by you texting in that order. They’ll put together everything in a timely manner so that you can provide better service for your clients.

Contractor: quality materials and customer satisfaction

Part of hiring a trusted contractor means homeowners expect quality work and a quality finish as a result. The skill and years of experience a contractor offers can’t be beaten by a DIY job. Personal skill will play a big part in a quality finish, but using high-quality materials is just as necessary.

Calgary North Decorating only carries top-quality paint supplies and window coverings from primers, interior and exterior paint, wood stains, and specialty paints. These products are guaranteed to be long-lasting and just as visually attractive throughout those years. It also helps guarantee that clients and customers will return and rely on the same contractor again. Homeowners get quality with great results, and contractors benefit from working with a company that can be trusted, and that holds the same values.

Paint and Supplies in Calgary and Window Coverings in Calgary 

Calgary North Decorating Benjamin Moore doesn’t just offer paint, interior design, and window coverings; they provide a quality experience as well. Whether a DIYer who needs professional tips and support or a contractor who needs materials, they can provide for all.

Don’t hesitate to contact Calgary North Decorating Benjamin Moore now!

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