The value of working with D Masters Roofing and Construction

Choosing a trusted company to handle your roofing is an important decision. A well-installed and maintained roof will last for years and maintain its value. Such a commitment to excellence is what D Masters Roofing and Construction Ltd. embody in all their work. Paired with years of experience, you can trust their team to help with roofing needs.

D Masters Roofing and Construction Ltd. in Edmonton are a professional roofing company. They share what makes their team and company trustworthy in handling any projects:

They have full coverage and insurance

When looking for a trusted company to work with, proper coverage and insurance should be a top priority. Licensing ensures the company has the proper training, access to quality materials and adequate roofing methods. It also means the company and its contractors have taken the time to learn the industry and provide safe, reliable and accurate work. Insurance and WCB coverage provides coverage in case a worker is injured on the job or if there is damage to your home during the work. D Masters has full coverage and licensing, so you can have peace of mind throughout the entire project. 

Consistent quality control

When D Masters arrives for a job, they don’t bring any sub-contractors. Instead, they hire their contractors internally, and each has full WCB coverage. This ensures that the training, approach to a project and care to quality provide consistent quality control every time. They also handle each project with a standardized procedure, so you can expect the same care no matter what. In addition, D Master brings its own site manager to a job to oversee a project from start to finish. 

No hidden fees

Transparency is another valuable trait to look for when choosing a qualified roofing company. Open and honest communication makes a project run smoother and creates less stress. When working with D Masters, you’ll receive transparent and detailed estimates and contracts. You’ll see all materials, costs, and procedures are clearly listed and explained. This helps avoid confusion and creates a base of trust that lasts throughout a project and long after. Further, D Masters uploads job site photos to the cloud for clients and potential clients to see. That allows them to see the finished roof and the extra details D Masters takes to ensure a quality and lasting roof.

Quality project work from start to finish

From the start, D Masters brings a unique and quality-focused approach to every project. They re-assess the roof’s ventilation to ensure each roof they complete has proper vents opened. They then only use a ‘W’ shaped metal valley, which offers more rigidity and a more substantial barrier against water. Each vent is wrapped with Ice and Water shield and water-proof screws for the flashing vents. Once the work is complete, D Masters ensures a 10-year workmanship warranty for their work. 

Roofing in Edmonton

D Masters Roofing and Construction are a leading contractor for roofing support. They pride themselves on quality work that can be trusted and relied on for years. You can always trust their team, from attention to detail, open honesty, and reliability.

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