Thermal Corkshield Spray Foam Insulation

When it comes to home exterior insulation, spray foam insulation is a top choice among homeowners. It’s high R-value and versatility make it a smart choice for most insulation applications. Even Mike Holmes gives spray foam insulation a thumbs up. High Performance Spray Systems in Calgary uses a type of spray foam that can be used on your home’s exterior called thermal corkshield.

Here are some of the perks that come with thermal corkshield spray foam insulation.

Thermal barrier

Insulations primary function is to prevent outdoor temperatures from getting into the house. Thermal performance in an insulation product is key to an energy-efficient home. Regulating the temperature of your home will save you money on bills and keep your family warm in winter and cool in summer. Thermal corkshield spray foam comes with an elastomeric coating that creates a complete thermal barrier on your home’s exterior, not allowing any air to pass through. Keep the cold out this winter, and consider thermal corkshield to keep your home and family warm.

Versatile material

A perk of spray foam insulation is that it molds to whichever area it’s applied to. This is also true for the corkshield product. Corkshield can be applied to many different surface materials. This includes brick, stone, stucco, and wood exterior materials. It also can be applied to your roof before shingles are put down, adding an extra thermal barrier.

A bonus of this kind of insulation is the range of colours to choose from. High Performance Spray Systems has 27 different colour choices, ensuring you can get the precise look you want for your home. The colour used is long-lasting, fading away less than 1%, compared to other paints that can fade from 5-10%. No matter what material it’s on top of, thermal corkshield can provide the thermal barrier you need for an energy-efficient home and can look good too.


Installing insulation that is sound-proof is a major plus. If you live in a noisy neighborhood, whether it be neighbors, traffic, or other noise based on your location, thermal corkshield spray foam is a great choice for you. It reduces sound coming from outside your home up to 18 decibels. With this insulation, your neighbors won’t distract you with their noisiness, and you can enjoy peace and quiet in your home.


Good insulation comes with the perk of fire-proofing your home. If a fire were to happen, you want to keep your family and home as safe as possible. Cork is a natural, eco-friendly material that won’t absorb the heat of a fire, instead, it will repel the heat and make it more difficult for flames to get in. It stops the spread of a fire, significantly slowing down the process of your walls burning. This gives you that much more time to protect your family, and any amount of additional time may save a life.

Insulation Contractors in Calgary

High Performance Spray Systems is a family-owned and family-run business. With over 15 years of experience in spray foam, coatings, and fireproofing, they are experts at their trade. They are certified, warrantied, and get their projects done on time on budget.

Contact High Performance Spray Systems for more information today!

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