Things to Consider When Choosing Carpet

Carpet is comfortable, soft, aesthetically pleasing and is a good choice for your home. There is a huge range of carpet types, differing in style, colour, cost, grade and quality. When choosing this popular flooring material, there are some things you should know to ensure you pick the carpet that is best for your home and needs. Deerfoot Carpet and Flooring Inc. in Calgary shares more:

How will the room be used?

Knowing how the room will be used will give you a better idea on the grade and style of the carpet that will work best in that space. For example, some types of carpets will stand up better to high traffic areas. Some are easier to clean, making them a better choice near an outdoor access point. In some cases, you might enjoy a more luxurious carpet in the bedroom or a space that sees less traffic.

How to choose the right colour?

If you’ve determined that the carpet will be used in a room that sees a lot of pet and kid traffic, you might not want to choose a white or light-coloured carpet. Your flooring dealer might also recommend a carpet that is easier to clean or that is more resistant to stains.

Choosing a light colour for smaller rooms will make them feel larger while big rooms can feel comfortable and cozy with a mid-to-dark carpet colour. Lighting also plays a role in your colour selection. Natural light will showcase the true colour of the carpet whereas darker rooms might benefit from a lighter carpet, so the space doesn’t feel gloomy and dark.

When choosing carpet colour, consider other design aspects of your home including the colour and style of your window coverings, furniture, wall colour and existing décor. You can take home a few samples from the flooring store, so you can see how they will match the design and style of your home. Check out these carpet inspiration images. 

Learn the difference between high quality and low-quality carpet.

It might seem like all the carpets in the store look and feel the same, but there is a huge difference between a high-grade carpet and a cheap, low-quality carpet. High quality carpets are made to resist crushing, wear and colour fading. They are easier to clean, feel more comfortable underfoot and are built to pass the test of time. Cheap carpeting can start to look matted and worn out in just a few years. You’ll be happy you invested in quality.

What is your budget?

Things that determine the cost of your carpet include the manufacturer and brand, quality, size of the space, installation and removal of the old carpet or other materials. When you visit Deerfoot Carpet & Flooring, they will help you choose a carpet that best meets your needs for function and design that is within your budget. Be careful not to choose the cheapest carpet on the market as it will not last as long as high-quality flooring and you don’t want to have to replace your floors again in the near future.

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