Things to Consider When Installing a Residential Elevator

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Having an elevator installed in your home can provide better accessibility, safety and independence to seniors, people with physical disabilities and those who have mobility issues. Individuals can safely go to different floors and feel more secure in their own home. Residential elevators are easy to operate, even from a wheelchair and make moving heavy furniture and other household items around the house less of a chore.

Ascension Elevators is the leading residential elevator company in Alberta. They share some key factors to consider when deciding to install an elevator in your home:

Type of Residential Elevator

There are many different models of elevators available on the market. There is the conservative hydraulic model, traditional models that use pistons and cables and the pneumatic models that are more sophisticated and use air pressure for moving the elevator cab. Working with professional companies that offer elevator installation in Edmonton and Calgary will help you choose the right type of elevator for your home and needs.

Size, Distance & Weight

Elevator installation Edmonton How big do you need the elevator cab to be? The space in your home where the elevator can be installed, whether or not you need it to transport a wheelchair or other assistive devices like scooters and walkers, all play into choosing the right size.

How much weight does it need to carry? You have to factor in passenger weight, wheelchair and assistive devices and other items you might use the elevator to transport for you.

How many floors does the elevator have to travel? Distance will play a major role in the elevator model you choose. These are all things that the experts at Ascension Elevators can help you determine.


Your first thought might be that residential elevators are too expensive! Just like any home improvement project and product, they come in a range of prices depending on your needs and wants. Ascension Elevators can assess your situation and help you set a fixed budget for your project. You can choose a simple model with basic safety features at an affordable price, or choose an advanced model with extravagant features that will cost more. Always look for factors like durability, features, maintenance requirements and safety requirements.

Elevator Installation in Calgary & Edmonton

When it comes down to efficient elevator installation, you need to look no further than Ascension Elevators. Owned and operated by an elevator technician, they know all there is to know about residential elevators. They sell good, high quality products, install them properly, and maintain them regularly. They provide service to Calgary, Edmonton and all surrounding areas of Alberta, as well as all of BC and Saskatchewan.

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