Things to consider when painting a home

If you’re in the middle of a home renovation and the drywalling portion is finished, the next step is to paint! Or, if you are just looking for a way to update or refresh your home, an easy step is also to paint. From getting a house ready to sell, or to show off personality, homeowners should think about painting their homes as a quick and relatively inexpensive option for an update to their home. From stylish designs to complex faux finishes, your options are many.

A.G Painting Renovation Specialist in Winnipeg has some things homeowners should think about when choosing to paint their home:

Choosing a colour

Picking a colour to paint a room can be a big deal. If you have plans to sell your home, it’s better to go with more neutral colours. If you aren’t planning on moving and want to go with something more colourful, you can! Colours are a great way to show off personality or make a room feel more vibrant. Depending on what colour you gravitate towards, you can even set a tone with warm or cool options. A.G Painting can help you come up with a colour scheme to meet your goals.

Picking a finish

There are several options available depending on how glossy you want your paint to look. High gloss paint is easier to clean, so it’s a great option in high traffic spots or places like a bathroom or playroom where the walls get wiped more often. Choosing matte paint with no gloss can help to hide any imperfections your wall may have. This is a great easy option for dining rooms or spare bedrooms.

Don’t be afraid to paint the ceiling

Painting a ceiling can really change the perception of the room. If you paint the ceiling a darker colour than the walls, it makes the ceiling appear lower and vice versa. Choosing a darker colour can help make a room feel cozier. If you are a fan of an airier look, a lighter colour can also help with that. For older ceilings, a fresh coat of white paint can really freshen up the room. It will hide blemishes, stains, and other imperfections, making it look new again.

Painters in Winnipeg

From a high level of service to top-quality products, you’ll know you made the right choice in hiring A.G Painting Renovation Specialist. Their expert residential painters are highly skilled in providing the best value for homeowners for the best possible price. If you have been looking to refresh your home, or even get ready to list it, you can’t go wrong with updating the interior paint. Don’t compromise on peace of mind and hire the right experts for the job.

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