Things to Consider When Planning a Home Addition

One of the biggest home renovations you can do is put in an addition. An addition could be to increase your living room or kitchen, add more bedrooms and bathrooms or could be a four-season sun room to expand your interior living space. No matter what you use your addition for, you should be prepared for a very large project and that means a lot of planning will have to go into it.

Southbend Developments are homebuilders in Edmonton that also specialize in major home renovations and home additions. They share some important things to consider when preparing for a home addition:

Utilities might have to be installed or relocated.

In the planning stages of your addition, Southbend Developments will determine if any utilities must be relocated or installed for the project. You might have to move or bring in plumbing, electricity or gas lines and that might mean structural changes to the existing home or put limitations on your addition. Once a plan for those utilities are in place, Southbend will take care of all of the sub-trades that will be working on that phase of the project. Additions that involve mechanical changes will require electrical, heating and ventilation, plumbing, and gas permits from the city.

Lighting and other electrical for the addition.

The early stage of planning is the best time to decide on the type of lighting or electrical you want in the addition. It might be as simple as installing dimmer switches and accent lighting or as complicated as pre-wiring for a home theatre or home automation system. You should also consider how much of an electrical load you might need to carry in the future and have it installed now instead of having to upgrade it later. Doing all of this before the walls are complete will save you time and money in the future.

How will you heat the addition?

In most cases, your contractor will extend your current HVAC system, installing new ducts and registers, to heat the addition. You might want to consider installing radiant in-floor heating in your addition. Since the space is being built from scratch, it is convenient to plan for this type of heating before construction begins. It will also help your contractor prepare an accurate estimate for the total project.

Obtaining a Home Addition Permit.

The City of Edmonton requires homeowners to obtain a building permit for any construction that is added to a primary building that has a roof or has the structural design that could hold a roof. Additions require both a development and building permit. If your construction changes how you access your property, you will also need a curb crossing permit. These are things that Southbend Developments will take care of for you when you hire them to manage your major home addition project.

Major Renovations & Home Additions in Edmonton

At Southbend, their customers are individuals with dreams and they strive to met their needs. They will spend the time needed with you before the building process to ensure that nothing is overlooked. Southbend Developments believes that through hard work and dedication, you will be happy with your new home.

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