Things to Remember When Building a Custom Home

It can be a dream come true to build your own custom home or transform your current home with a major renovation. You’re creating the ultimate space for you and your family, making the home truly your own. However, there’s no denying this is a major project. There are some ways to make this project go smoothly and ensure your dream becomes a reality.  

Meridian Master Builders in Edmonton share some things to remember when building a custom home:

Keep an eye on your budget

When doing any project, new ideas can come at any moment. These ideas could get pricey, and may be unnecessary to add to your home. Less expensive options could still fill your need but check with your contractor first. You want to stay on budget, while ensuring you’re installing products that will last.

You should also be prepared for unforeseen expenses to pop up during the project. Set aside a contingency fund, in case any problems arise down the line. That way, you’re less likely to over-budget, or have to compromise on anything based on price. A contingency fund will also give you peace of mind knowing that those things will be easily taken care of. 

Watch those smaller details

It can be exciting to plan the bigger features of a home. Whether it be your kitchen, bathrooms, or the overall layout of your home, everything may seem big-picture. However, it’s important to remember those details you might not give as much thought to. This includes things like the width of hallways and doorways, where individual lights will go, where electrical outlets will be, closet sizes, and much more. These are things that can impact your daily life in your new home or renovation. Be sure to pay attention to them too!

Spend some time (and money) on landscape design

When building a custom home, many homeowners focus on the interior of the house, and the exterior gets lost in the shuffle. There are many components of your exterior to plan for too, such as fencing, landscaping, siding, patios or decking, and much more. Once the interior of the house is to your liking, set aside time to work on the home’s exterior. That way, your home will look great both inside and out. These days, having a functional, beautiful outdoor living space is essential.  

Think about the future

A custom home can easily be your forever home, especially since it will likely have everything you’re looking for. However, if down the line you want to sell your home, keep that in mind when designing and building your home. Think about what other homeowners would want out of a home. This could be things like making spaces open-concept, separating bedrooms from the remainder of the home, or choosing materials built to last. 

Or, if you’re planning on staying in your home, consider that too. Will you need space for a growing family? Do you plan on aging-in-place? These are all things you can discuss with your builder to ensure your home or renovation meets your needs now and into the future.

Major Renovations in Edmonton

Meridian Master Builders helps turn your dream home into reality with our expert design and construction teams working with you every step of the way. They deliver custom-built homes, offer top quality workmanship, outstanding value, high-energy efficiency, and focus on customer service throughout the building process.

For a free consultation, contact Meridian Master Builders today!

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