Three areas to consider installing carpet in a home

When it comes to flooring options in a home, hard flooring in main living areas has been the trend. However, you shouldn’t discount the positives that quality carpet flooring brings. In some cases, it can be a better choice. For example, carpet flooring is an excellent option for safety or creating a comfortable and cozy space.

Island Carpet and Flooring in Richmond has three areas homeowners should consider installing carpet in their homes:

Make your stairs a safer spot

Stairs are a smart place to install carpet flooring. Whether it’s a runner or fully carpeted, the carpet adds traction and reduces the chance of slipping down the stairs. This is an excellent option for those homes with small children or people with limited mobility but will increase comfort and safety for everyone. Plus, with the right carpet, you can enhance the aesthetics and style of your staircase. If the stairs lead to a hallway or the basement, installing the same flooring in those areas will ensure a smooth transition.

Comfortable bedrooms

Another reason for homeowners to choose carpeting as a flooring option is due to its comfort underfoot. You’ll love the feeling of getting out of bed and placing your bare feet on a soft, warm carpet. It also makes a comfortable and slip-resistant play surface for children’s rooms. If your bedrooms are on an upper level, carpet flooring upstairs can help reduce noise reduction too.

Cozy living spaces

Having carpet installed in living spaces that are traditionally cooler, like downstairs family rooms, can help make them feel more inviting and warmer. Those who spend time in their basements, whether in a living room or entertainment room, can feel warmer with the insulation that carpet gives. A quality carpet that is properly cared for will withstand wear and tear. Unlike other flooring options, it won’t scratch or scuff over time. Whether you’re carpeting the entire living room or family room or are looking for a large area rug to cozy up the space, Island Carpet and Flooring can help.

Flooring companies in Richmond

Island Carpet and Flooring has provided flooring products and installation services to Richmond and Vancouver for over 50 years. They’re a trusted name in the industry, and you can rely on them for expert advice, quality flooring products, and flawless installation. If you need new flooring for a home renovation, they are a reliable choice.

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