Three Reasons to Choose Nordik Windows and Doors

There are many window and door contractors for homeowners to choose from. Finding the best contractor for your window or door replacement can be challenging. Fortunately, when you do your research and begin to understand what to look for, you’ll feel more confident in your search and your choice of the best window contractor for the job.

Here, Nordik Windows and Doors serves all of the Greater Toronto area, including Hamilton and beyond. Here they share three features that set them apart.

Top-of-the-line window and door replacement

Nordik Windows and Doors replace both windows and exterior doors, including hinged entry, French doors and sliding patio doors. With this company, not only will you get world-class service, but you’ll also be able to replace your windows and doors all at once if needed.

Also, Nordik Windows and Doors consider itself a service-driven company. As a result, they always keep the customer top of mind when offering their window and door replacement services. And with 40 years of experience in this industry, you know you’ll receive quality work and smooth, streamlined processes.

In-house window and door manufacturing

Unlike some other window and door companies, Nordik Windows and Doors manufactures its own products here in Ontario. This includes both windows and entry doors (doors are assembled in Hamilton). There are many benefits to choosing a window contractor who manufactures their own doors and windows. For one, because Nordik Windows and Doors makes the products they sell, it helps them to keep prices more affordable. On top of this, their products are Ontario-made and built for your specific climate. When you choose Nordik Windows and Doors for your door replacement, you support a local business using locally-made products.

Another great perk of the in-house window and door manufacturing is that Nordik Windows and Doors can offer its “No-Bull” twenty-five-year warranty. Because they make their own products, they can confidently stand behind them. Their warranties cover products, installation and service for 25 years — with no exemptions or fine print.

RevoCell Windows

For windows, Nordik Windows and Doors uses a proprietary technology called RevoCell. These are Canada’s first mass-produced microcellular PVC windows. RevoCell windows are solid, which makes their frames incredibly strong. Microcellular PVC also has billions of microscopic cells, acting as closed-cell insulation. That’s why Nordik windows are certified “ENERGY STAR 2023 Most Efficient,” even with dual-pane glass. This means that when it comes to energy efficiency, RevoCell® windows lead Canada’s charts.

You can check this yourself by searching the certified window database from Natural Resources Canada for windows with the highest Energy Rating (ER) or with the lowest U-factor. With rising energy prices, choosing high-performance windows for home upgrades is a future-proof investment. Especially when they are affordably-priced RevoCell windows from Nordik.

Windows in Toronto

Nordik Windows and Doors has grown as a company over the last 40 years. They have locations in Mississauga, Stoney Creek, Scarborough, and Barrie, Ontario. This allows them to provide service to the entire GTA and beyond! The company started out as a window manufacturer in 1982. Since then, they have become one of the fastest-growing window and door replacement businesses. And it’s easy to see why. Their dedication to customer service, experience, and ability to provide the best in window and door innovation at affordable prices, is hard to beat.

Contact Nordik Windows and Doors today to discuss your window and door replacement needs.

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