Three reasons to consider radiant heating in your home

Hydronic heating, commonly known as radiant heating, has many benefits to homeowners. From increased savings on heating bills to a better option for people with allergies, it’s easy to see why people choose it. There are more versatile options for radiant heating, such as in cooler rooms like basements or bathrooms.

Denrite Mechanical in Edmonton shares a few reasons why homeowners should consider hydronic heating in their homes:

Increased efficiency

Hydronic systems are one of the more energy efficient and comfortable options for heating a home. The notable savings on utilities compared to running a forced-air heating system increase the larger the home’s square footage. Water is a better conductor of heat than air, and due to the system’s mechanics being a closed loop system not much is lost through the process.

More versatile options

One of the benefits of hydronic heating is the flexibility to do almost anything you can think of. The list is endless from tubing embedded in concrete (typically in basements or garages) to overpour (lightweight concrete topping usually 1.5″ thick), staple up (under floor joist with tubing attached to the underside of the floor with heat transfer plates) to radiant walls and ceilings. This can be extremely beneficial for rooms that have typically colder floors, such as basements or bathrooms. Basements are typically cooler than the main floor of houses, but that problem and more can be solved with radiant heating in the basement.

It can also be nice on those cold winter mornings in bedrooms with hard flooring instead of a rug. Another bonus is that hydronic heating is used for extra features such as heated towel racks. This type of home heating is popular because the systems can be designed to suit a homeowner’s needs.

A better option for allergies

One of the negative aspects of forced air heating is pushing around dust and allergens when the air blows through the ducts. This isn’t the case with radiant heating. Instead, the heat is spread through piping in the walls and routed to where it’s needed. Thanks to the heat being powered by water and natural gas, hydronic can better suit people who have allergies. The ability to heat specific points of the house due to the homeowner’s specifications means that there are fewer drafts or hot spots.

Hydronic Heating in Edmonton

Over the past fifteen years, Denrite Mechanical has become one of Edmonton’s leading hydronic heating companies. They use premium materials and offer high-quality workmanship. You’ll receive top-of-the-line installations and systems which last. When it comes to hydronic heating in Edmonton and the surrounding areas, choose Denrite Mechanical.

Contact Denrite Mechanical for your hydronic heating system today.

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