Three reasons to consider stucco for your home

Whether considering buying a home with a stucco exterior or thinking about re-siding, there are several reasons to choose stucco. Stucco is an easily recognizable siding option that is typically a plaster compound siding contractors apply by hand-trowel. It has a unique texture, visual appeal and is a hardy cladding option. With these things in mind, stucco is becoming a more and more popular choice for homeowners.

YME Construction Ltd. in Calgary shares three reasons why stucco might be the best choice for your home’s exterior:

Have your pick from a range of colours

One of the many things homeowners love about stucco is are the vast colour options. Dyes are added when mixing the compound, producing the desired colour. As a result, you can get a pretty customized product. So if you’re looking for soft shades, an earthy colour, or something completely unique, stucco might be the answer. This is a great way to personalize your home’s exterior, improve curb appeal, and even resale value.

Professional stucco repair is no problem

Another benefit is that stucco can be reasonably easy to repair. Small cracks can be fixed DIY, but be careful about repairing big problems. If you’re unsure, it is best to get a professional in for an inspection. Large cracks or pieces falling off signify a more significant issue, and professional repair is needed. That said, stucco is an incredibly durable product that can stand up to harsh elements. Your needs for repairs will be minimal, if any.

Stucco will protect your home from fire

Stucco’s fire resistance is a big draw for homeowners. A one-inch coating of stucco provides a one-hour firewall rating. So when a fire is burning on one side of a wall, it takes an hour to burn to the other side. In an emergency, this gives more time for your family to evacuate. It also means less damage to your home and property if the fire is quickly extinguished. It’s also a great reason to look at stucco if your home is close to your neighbours. Learn more about stucco siding. 

Stucco Contractors in Calgary

As a family-owned professional stucco company, you can’t go wrong with the work that YME Construction Ltd. produces. Their highly-skilled team is meticulous in the planning, management, craftsmanship, and maintenance of each project they undertake. If you want to improve your home with stucco cladding, YME Construction Ltd. will ensure a correct and long-lasting installation.

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