Three things to ask a contractor before hiring them

Kitchen Renovation by JR Wilson Construction

Choosing the right general contractor for your home project is an essential first step, but it can be stressful. You want a licensed and insured company that has the experience, a good reputation, and a friendly demeanour.

JR Wilson Construction in Edmonton is a full-service general contractor that can assist you with your home renovations and building projects. They share three things to ask a contractor before hiring them:

Ask for their license and insurance

This should be one of the first things you ask when speaking to a contractor. It is surprising how many contractors operate without a provincial business licence and valid liability insurance. Having the correct documentation is vital for accountability and future inspections. Both of these things protect you and your home from accidents, injury, or damage during the job. If they can’t produce either of these things, do not hire them.

A reputable general contractor like JR Wilson Construction will have no problem producing credentials when asked. They’re fully bonded, licensed and insured. They also are RenovationFind Certified which means they’ve passed stringent background checks and are continually monitored for keeping a high standard.

Know what your contractor offers

Bathroom Renovation by JR Wilson Construction

Some contractors only offer particular parts of the renovation process. For example, a general contractor might specialize in framing and drywall and subcontract the rest to other companies. This is okay, but make sure it’s what you want. You might be better served by a general contractor that has experience and skills in all aspects of your home renovation.

JR Wilson, for example, can assist with design, project management, construction, installation and more. Depending on the scope and scale of your home project, you will need a company that can take care of your specific needs. It will reduce stress and help the project run smoothly.

Get a written estimate

This is another important step to do before hiring a contractor. Getting a written estimate with as much detail as possible will help to keep you informed of the cost and set early expectations. The estimate should include details like labour cost, permit feeds, supplies, materials, and other costs involved. If you have questions, a good contractor will have no problem answering them for you. Get multiple estimates, and choose one that is competitive. A rock bottom quote often means the contractor is less experienced, uses cheaper materials, or less experienced trades.

JR Wilson will provide you with an honest and transparent estimate. They’ll walk you through every detail so you understand the process and price details. They’ll recommend you set aside a contingency budget for any unexpected costs. However, you will not be surprised with hidden fees during or after your project.

You can find more tips on hiring a contractor here.

General Contractors in Edmonton

JR Wilson Construction is a trusted name in general contracting and home renovations in Edmonton. They have over twenty years of experience in the construction industry in both residential and commercial sectors. They commit to a high standard of quality, attention to detail, open communication, and customer satisfaction. If you’re looking for a trustworthy and experienced general contractor for your next big home project, you’ve found one in JR Wilson Construction.

Contact JR Wilson Construction to get started.

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