Three types of sidings to choose for your home

If you’re considering a siding replacement, several options are available on the market. Each come with their own pros and cons, price point, maintenance requirements, and aesthetics.

Sunshine Exteriors in Okotoks offers commercial and residential exterior renovations. As experts in exterior cladding and siding, they share information about three popular types of siding:

Vinyl siding is a cost-effective solution

Vinyl siding is a popular option for homeowners thanks to its low maintenance and lower cost compared to other options. Though it’s cost-effective, vinyl siding has come a long way over the years. A high-quality vinyl siding product installed by experienced professionals will protect your home and improve curb appeal.

That said, it’s vital to invest in quality siding over the cheaper options. Lower-grade products can show age earlier, fade in the sun, and cause other issues. Sunshine Exteriors will help you choose a siding that can stand up to our harsh climate and look great for years to come.

Fibre cement siding is durable and long-lasting

Fibre cement siding, made from recycled and recyclable materials, is popular for residential applications. It is resistant to moisture, rot, and insects. Quality fibre cement siding is also resistant to UV rays, which means it won’t fade or change colour in the sun. In addition, it requires little to no maintenance, which is a significant perk. You can simply wash the siding down with a garden hose if it appears dirty. Fibre cement siding also comes in a range of colours and styles and can mimic the look of wood siding.

Common manufacturers, like James Hardie, offer solid warranties on their products. Though this siding option is more expensive than vinyl, it is long-lasting, low maintenance, and can improve the value of your home.

Cedar shake siding is a classic choice

Cedar shake is the type of siding that can really improve your home’s curb appeal. It has a great reputation and gives houses a distinct, eye-catching look. In addition, cedar can withstand the weather and offers good thermal performance. Often homeowners will combine cedar shake siding with plank siding, to give the home a unique and attractive curb appeal.

Cedar does require a little more maintenance than other options. It is also not resistant to fire, insects, rot, and moss growth. If this concerns you, consider fibre cement shakes instead. Fibre cement shakes give the same look like cedar, but without the maintenance requirements or other issues that come with natural wood siding.

Siding Contractors in Calgary

Sunshine Exteriors brings over 20 years of experience to your residential or commercial siding project. They focus on offering quality products, customer service, and a positive experience for all their customers. Sunshine Exteriors can remove and dispose of your old siding and install a new siding of your choice, ensuring your home is protected, efficient, and looking great.

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