Three Unexpected Ways to Customize Your Next Window Renovation

If you’re looking for the perfect addition to an interior redecoration, or are determined to make your home a neighbourhood standout, the answer might be staring you in the face (in fact, you might be looking right through it). With the right pairing of shape, colour, and hardware, your windows can happily serve as natural focal points for your home’s exterior while simultaneously enhancing interior design efforts. With the breadth of personalization and choice offered by All Weather Windows Renovations, it’s easy to find the right options to amplify any home’s character.

Acrylic Wrap

Permanently bonded to PVC window frames, acrylic wrap from All Weather Windows Renovations
offers rich colour choice for homeowners without sacrificing durability or weather-resistance. With a
palette of contemporary colours for both exterior and interior applications, the wrap imitates the
appearance of a flawless paint job without any of its time-induced downsides, such as sun-fading,
chipping or cracking. By coordinating with the existing colour-scheme of your home, acrylic wrapped
windows will remain a statement piece for years to come.


When planning any window renovation, don’t forget that the configuration of your windows is a
critical extension of your home’s architectural theme. For example, sharp-angled, geometric patterns
suit more modern styling while arching picture windows can be used to great effect in a
Victorian-inspired build. With a wide range of size, shape and operating styles available, the
possibilities for your home are limited only by your imagination. Working with the experts at All
Weather Windows Renovations, you can find a window configuration that best meets your needs,
both inside and out.

Hardware, Glass and more

For the ultimate in window personalization, accents such as hardware, textured glass and interior
grilles contribute to styling curated exclusively for your home. Don’t be afraid to explore your
options—you may be surprised how the addition of a metallic handle or interior grille can change the
entire look and feel of a single window.

To learn more about all the window renovation possibilities at All Weather Windows Renovations,
contact them for a no-obligation, free in-home consultation today.

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