Three ways a painter can improve your home this year

With a new year comes a time for new beginnings, goals, and changes. For some, that might mean giving your home a few improvements to improve aesthetics and add value. Home improvements can enhance your living spaces, improve your lifestyle and the way you feel about your home.

OCanada Painting Contractors in Edmonton offers complete painting services for commercial, residential, and industrial clientele. Here they share three ways they can help improve your home for 2023.

Interior paint job

Painting your home’s interior can completely change its look and feel. If your wall colours are dated, drab or dinged and stained, a coat of paint will make things feel new again. Painting will give a fresh look and help protect your walls from future damage and moisture.

Choosing the right paint colours is essential. Specific colours and colour schemes can influence the way you feel. For example, blues and greens are considered calming colours. That makes them a good choice for a bedroom or bathroom. Red, on the other hand, is stimulating. So if you like red, it makes it a good choice for a space you entertain in because it can help boost energy.

OCanada Painting Contractors can help you choose paint colours that best suit your home and taste. Their interior painting services will make your home feel modern, new, and comfortable without the cost of an extensive and disruptive renovation.

Paint the deck and fence

Painting or staining your deck and fence this spring will allow you to enjoy them more! First, paint or stain helps protect the wood from the elements like weather and pests. A fresh coat of paint will ensure your outdoor features last much longer.

Second, paint or stain can improve the aesthetics of your deck and fence. The weather can take its toll on wood, making it look grey and worn out. However, with a fresh coat of paint or stain, you can transform these features into beautiful and natural focal points for your outdoor living spaces.

Put up wallpaper

Wallpaper used to be considered old-fashioned, but it is coming back in style! OCanada Painting Contractors can help install new wallpaper in your home to give it an added visual appeal. Wallpaper helps protect your walls, improving their durability and longevity. In addition, it makes your walls easier to clean.

Aesthetically, wallpaper allows you to get creative! Choosing the right wallpaper for a feature wall or room in the house can capture your style and vibe. However, there are endless options, and choosing the right wall paper can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, OCanada Painting Contractors have a trained eye for design and can help you choose a wallpaper that complements the colour scheme and design style in the rest of your house.

Painters in Edmonton

OCanada Painting Contractors are local painting experts ready to serve home and business owners in Edmonton and surrounding areas. This family-run business believes no project is complete until the customer is delighted with their performance. They’re committed to excellent customer service, flawless results, and job site safety and are passionate about what they do.

Improve your home this year with professional painters. Contact OCanada Painting Contractors!

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