Three ways to add on to your home with glass

From Sunrooms, patio covers and glass feature walls, there are many ways to use glass to enhance a home. Skilled professionals can build sunroom additions and other features that make using glass a whole new level.

In this article, Four Seasons Sunroom in Calgary shares three great ideas for adding a sunroom, or glass feature, to your home.

Sunroom additions

A sunroom addition has several benefits and can improve your family’s lifestyle at home. You can expand your living space to include a space for dining, relaxing, entertaining, and working. Sunrooms allow for natural light, which has many health and wellness benefits. In addition, a sunroom addition allows you to enjoy the benefits of the outdoors, no matter what the weather is like.

Four Seasons Sunrooms can create a sunroom addition to suit your home and lifestyle. They strive to create spaces that bring families together while adding to your lifestyle and increasing property value.


If you are the type who likes to read in the garden during the summer months, a conservatory may just be the room for you. A conservatory is a home addition a contractor can build mainly using glass. In this room, homeowners often decorate with outdoor furniture and keep lots of plants and flowers. This creates a lush indoor sunroom for lounging in through all seasons. Another bonus with a conservatory is that it adds one more room to your home without the cost and time required for a complete home addition.

Four Seasons Sunroom specializes in building conservatories and other glass room additions in Calgary. They can customize this type of addition to suit your specific needs and taste.

Glass Patio Cover

A glass patio cover is an excellent idea for those who love to dine outside on their patio in the sunshine while still enjoying some protection. These transparent patio covers allow for unobstructed sunlight and keep your patio warm through the evenings. In addition, this type of patio cover also provides backyard views of the sky and other areas surrounding your yard. As a result, you get the best of both worlds: protection on rainy days and wide open space.

Four Seasons Sunrooms can install a glass patio cover and glass deck panels to give your patio and deck an open feeling while offering safety and protection. Reach out to discuss how glass can uplevel your patio this summer.

Sunrooms in Calgary

Four Seasons Sunrooms has been bringing glass room additions to Alberta property owners since 1985. This family-owned and operated company comes with a wealth of knowledge and over forty years of experience in the sunroom industry. All of Four Seasons Sunrooms’ products are thermally designed. They provide maximum comfort during Alberta’s harsh winters and hot summer months. Residential and commercial property owners are encouraged to visit the company’s Calgary design centre. There they can learn more about what Four Seasons Sunrooms can offer.

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