Three ways to improve a cold basement

When renovating a basement, it’s essential to be aware of underlying issues. For example, if you find that your space is always cold and unpleasant, that needs to be addressed. It’s true that the basement will always feel a little cooler, but it should not be uncomfortable. You could be paying more on heating than necessary, and you want to enjoy using the space. Your basement could be cold for many reasons, but the good news is they can likely be fixed.

MODE Contracting in Edmonton shares how you can improve a cold basement with your basement renovation:

Strategic insulation is your biggest ally

In modern homes, the most significant source of cold air is typically the section of the wall above ground. The earth outside of below-grade walls does an excellent job of providing insulation, but even that can be improved. MODE Contracting can check your basement walls and the overhead. This typically includes windows, ducts, vents, and more. Opening your basement walls to increase the insulation won’t be effective without considering these trouble areas.

If the basement is unfinished, you can invest in upgrading the wall insulation. Before new insulation is installed, your contractor can check for moisture issues and other damage. Completing these repairs now will ensure your new insulation and finished walls will not be damaged by future moisture problems.

Consider the space above the basement

If the space directly above your basement isn’t heated very well, this will affect your basement’s temperature. This issue usually occurs if areas like unheated garages and porches are above sections of the basement. If you can’t insulate these spaces themselves, consider adding insulation to your basement’s ceiling. This will help keep the room’s heat inside it rather than moving to the space above. If you can’t figure out where the cold air is coming from in the basement, it might be somewhere else. Cold air descends, so don’t overlook checking the main floor for lack of insulation too.

Take a look at your HVAC system

Once you have checked and improved your insulation around your home, the next step is to check your heat source. If your home’s existing HVAC system doesn’t send heat to all areas of the basement, that’s an issue. Older basement developments might not have retrofitted the ducts properly to distribute the heat. Consider extending or modifying your system to supply heat evenly throughout the basement space. Installing in-floor heating downstairs is also a great solution. This is becoming a more typical practice as homeowners extend their livable space for home offices or extra bedrooms.

Basement Renovations in Edmonton

MODE Contracting is proud to be hands-on with every project they do. This means that your basement renovation will be completed to a high standard with outstanding customer service. With more than twenty years of experience, you can be sure that your renovation is completed to your satisfaction.

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