Three ways to increase kitchen storage

Kitchens always seem to be the place in a home where space is at a premium. You need clever and accessible storage solutions to reduce clutter, store appliances, and make working in the kitchen more enjoyable. By investing in kitchen storage solutions, you can stay organized and efficient when using the space.

Higold Canada in Vancouver has three ways you can get organized and improve your kitchen storage:

Install a pull-out pantry

If you don’t have a closet to convert, or that option doesn’t appeal, there is another way to get a pantry. Consider a “pull-out” pantry. A pull-out pantry usually consists of several pull-out shelves. The pull-out option is great for smaller spaces. It also allows storage options that are more easily at hand instead of located in another space. Plus, pull-out shelves make your items more accessible, with less bending and reaching into the back of deep cupboards. Higold Canada can inspect your kitchen and provide the best options for pantry storage for your specific space.

Lift basket storage 

Lift basket storage is another way to organize your food, supplies, and appliances in the kitchen. They allow you to essentially pull down your cabinet, so you can see and access the things inside. Not only will they keep you organized, but they also make reaching up for those high cabinets much easier.

Install drawer organizers

You can install simple drawer organizers in your kitchen drawers, in addition to pull-down cabinets and pull-out shelving and pantries. Drawer organizers provide a spot for everything to go, including silverware, cooking utensils, and all those odds and sods in your junk drawer. It will help reduce clutter in the drawer and make everything easy to find. Higold Canada also has drawer organizers to help organize your vanity, bedroom drawers, home office, and other drawers in the house.

Closet and Storage Solutions in Vancouver

Higold Canada brings smart kitchen and closet storage solutions to your home. Their functional hardware products are offer storage space optimization and improved quality of life. If you are embarking on a kitchen remodel consider these incredible storage solutions products from Higold Canada.

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