Three ways to tell it’s time to paint your walls

Painting a home’s interior can be a daunting job, but it should be done periodically to ensure your walls are in good shape and your home is looking great. This doesn’t mean it needs to be done every year or anything. However, there are some signs that your home might be due for a paint job.

Mustang Painting in Edmonton shares three questions to consider when it comes to your home’s walls:

How long has it been since your walls were last painted?

Typically, interior paint jobs last about five years, with higher quality paint lasting up to ten. If your home’s walls haven’t been painted in over ten years, then it might be time to give them an update. Depending on the room you’re considering, this timeframe is either shortened or lengthened. For example, rooms that see a lot of action, like playrooms, need to be updated more often than low-action rooms, like bedrooms. Another reason to consider how much time has passed is that specific colours of walls can date a home. If your wall colours are outdated and you no longer like them, consider hiring Mustang Painting for an interior paint job.

Is your paint showing any damage?

There are many ways to tell that a current paint job has been damaged. Chips, cracks, and peeling paint are all ways to know that it’s time for an upgrade. Even hard to remove scuff marks, dings, and stains can bring down your home’s appeal. Damage, including chips and pinholes, should be repaired and painted over to give it a fresh look. An interior paint job is an affordable and easy way to completely update the look of your home. A fresh coat of new paint can also help protect your walls from moisture and further damage.

Are you thinking of selling?

Updated paint colours can help to increase the interior appeal and make your home easier to sell. As mentioned before, a paint job can give your home a fresh, modern look, which can attract potential buyers. Paint colours that appeal to a wide range of people are the best choice if you’re painting to sell your home. Depersonalizing a home is part of having it ready to sell. Essentially, it makes your home a blank canvas so buyers can imagine themselves living there. Getting rid of bright, specific colours and going with more calming, neutral, and light ones will make your home more appealing to the masses.

Painters in Edmonton

Mustang Painting is available for your home’s interior painting needs. Whether updating an old fashion paint colour choice or repairing damage, they’re available to help. Your home should be a comfortable place for you, and paint colour is an integral part of this. If it is time your home had a paint job, their experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable painters will provide a flawless finish.

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