Tips and information for painting your home’s trim

Trim colours are the “icing on the cake” when it comes to finishing touches on a painting project. That little detail, whether on the ceiling, baseboards, or doors, are what really pulls a room together. Your trim, especially baseboards can take a real beating. Sometimes all you need to do is repaint the trim to refresh the room again. Having a professional handle the work will guarantee the look and they can give you some colour tips too.

Pro Painters Ltd. in Calgary is a professional painting company. They share more about painting the trim inside and outside of your home:

Attention to detail

Having an eye for detail, the right tools, and a steady hand are all key aspects of ensuring a quality trim paint job. While the work can be DIYed, there’s always a guarantee when professionals handle it. They have the right tools and skills to ensure that trim is painted flawlessly without splatters or bumps in the paint. If you are adding trim to the ceiling, there’s the matter of working at a difficult angle and avoiding drips. A professional will not only work quickly, but they also ensure the finish is a level of quality that boosts the value in any room.

Expert advice

Similar to how kitchen cabinets or walls benefit more from having either a gloss or eggshell finish, trim is the same. Choosing durable paint that won’t chip or show signs of dirt from being touched a lot is an important factor. With a professional painter, they can offer that expert advice and suggest the perfect paint finish. Lighting and shadows also play a role, so painting an interior door trim compared to an exterior will use different paint.

Don’t be afraid to use colours

When it comes to trim, the standard colour choice tends to be a simple white. While there’s nothing wrong with that, there are much more possibilities when using colour. For all-white walls, you can use a light grey for the trim. It helps add depth and visual interest to the space and draws the visual interest of any doors and windows. For a bolder choice, pair coloured walls with black trim. The striking contrast adds a sleek, modern look and feel to the space and adds great visual appeal.

Natural wood

Wood trim adds a certain elegance and warmth to a room that colours can’t always do. The wood itself also comes with plenty of staining options, like a light colour to complement a bright room. Even pairing a dark wood stain has the same sleek, eye-catching addition in a room using a dark paint trim. Keep in mind that wood colours have different effects from paint. Dark wood is much heavier and weighty than a lighter, brighter stain. It will also depend on your home’s architecture. For example, older Victorian-style homes can pair well with natural wood accents.

Painters in Calgary

Pro Painters Ltd. handle both residential and commercial services and guarantee perfection every time. Their professionals can help with cabinet refinishing, trim work, interior, and exterior services with ease. Your satisfaction and happiness in your home are their goals, so you can trust them.

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