Tips for a Garden Renovation

Is your garden overgrown? Do the flowers and plants seem to struggle to survive every year? Is the landscape of your garden falling apart or made with low quality materials? Planning the perfect garden takes more than just planting seeds. Here are some tips from Calgary’s best landscape designers:

Hydrangea House

Sometimes you have to start from scratch

The issue with your garden might not be your lack of a green thumb. It might be because your “maintenance free” garden was poorly designed and installed improperly with the wrong materials.  Extensive hardscape and plant knowledge combined with endless imagination ensure a low cost of ownership with year round enjoyment.   If your flowers and shrubs need sun, and your garden is in the shade, they will never thrive. You’ll always be fighting weeds if the proper landscaping underlay and top soil or mulch was never installed. A properly planned and executed garden provides an extension to your home’s living area, whether you’re looking for an outdoor entertaining area or a private stress relieving oasis, stop struggling and consider starting over with a garden renovation from a professional Calgary landscaper.

Choose the right flowers for your yard and garden locations.

Before you plant anything, learn about different garden plant types and how they perform in your climate and in shady or sunny areas. You should also learn how they grow beside other plants you might like because sometimes certain plants do not grow well next to others. A landscape designer will help you choose plants that give you vibrant blooms or green features including long-living perennials, beautiful annuals, ornamental grasses and shrubs.

Determine how your flower beds will fit in the rest of your landscape

A properly designed landscape will ensure your flower beds are complimenting the entire yard while varieties of plant material can be increased with the creation of micro climates, and still being accessible to you to work on and enjoy. A landscaper will help you design a landscape that showcases your flower beds from sitting areas like your patio and deck, while guaranteeing they’re built correctly with their fully certified staff so they have the opportunity to grow and thrive!  They offer full 3d software renditions of any project to aid in the visualization so you can see what your garden will look like any for years to come in any season.

Consider different plant heights.

You don’t want to put cute little flowers behind a tall shrub. The tallest plants should go near the back of the flower bed if it’s bordering your house or garage, and should be in the centre if your flower bed is built like an island. Make sure that no small plants that require sunlight are stuck in the shade of a larger plant either.

Learn how to properly care for your garden

Once the Calgary landscaping company has completed your garden renovation, they’ll show you how you should properly care for your garden. For example, full irrigation zones for automatic watering can be installed in the new design for as little as $150.00 providing more freedom and time to enjoy your gardens.  The possibilities are endless with the new hardscape and mulches available which when used properly cut watering to an absolute minimum.  new plants should be well-mulched and watered regularly until the roots can establish. Make sure you’re checking on your garden regularly looking for plants that look parched or damaged by pests. Finding these issues early can save your plants from weakening or even dying.

Revive your garden. Contact a Calgary Landscaping Company!



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