Tips for a sustainable kitchen renovation

Did you know that construction materials make up 80% of all landfill waste in North America? Construction and renovation are not innately environmentally-friendly processes. However, we can make more eco-friendly decisions while renovating to minimize our impact on Mother Earth.

DG Design & Build in Vancouver specializes in sustainable kitchen renovations. They share insights on how to renovate sustainably.

Use sustainable materials

Materials play a significant role in every sustainable kitchen renovation. Consequently, it’s important to consider the environmental impact of your chosen materials. For example, where they are sourced, how far they have to be transported, and how can they (eventually) be disposed of? Is it made from a renewable resource? Is it possible to source materials made from recycled products?

You can dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of your kitchen renovation by choosing natural, renewable or recycled materials that are locally sourced.

Install energy-efficient appliances and fixtures

Lower your home’s energy usage by opting for energy-efficient appliances, lighting, and fixtures. Not only is this better for the environment, it also saves you money. Consequently, upgrade to energy-efficient appliances with the ENERGY STAR seal of approval. The refrigerator alone uses 4% of a household’s total energy usage, so switching to a more eco-friendly model makes a huge difference. Switching your lighting for LED bulbs is another way to make your new kitchen more Earth-friendly.

Reduce water wastage

Just as you consider the energy requirements of your new kitchen, you should be mindful of water consumption. You can make your kitchen more sustainable by reducing water wastage and installing water-efficient fixtures. Keep this in mind when shopping for a new dishwasher. Additionally, eco-friendly factors reduce the amount of water used in your home.

Demolish less and salvage useful elements

It’s tempting to choose all new everything while renovating your kitchen. However, being intentional with your decisions and showing some restraint can hugely impact your remodel’s sustainability. Monitor your consumption and always aim to demolish less, if possible. Salvage useful elements if possible. DG Design & Build will help repurpose existing elements without sacrificing quality, durability, or aesthetics. Or, you can donate them for reuse at the local restore.

Pick an eco-minded contractor

Lastly, pick an eco-minded contractor for your kitchen remodel. A general contractor with sustainable renovation and construction experience works with you to minimize your project’s environmental impact. Plus, they share your values! As a result, you will never doubt their commitment to the sustainable process. Furthermore, they will never cut corners at the expense of the environment.

Kitchen Renovations in Vancouver

DG Design & Build specializes in interior design and renovations, including kitchen remodels. They practice transparency while bringing your vision to life and providing unparalleled customer service. They have a green mission and are committed to building green.

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