Tips for beautiful and functional landscaping

Your yard should be a place where you love to spend your time. Ideally, yards add liveable space to your property. However, you’re unlikely to spend time in an unsightly, unfinished, poorly designed, or dysfunctional yard. In this case, it’s more of a waste of space. If this sounds familiar, you should consider hiring a professional landscaping company. They can transform your unattractive yard into the perfect, space for your lifestyle.

Kayben Landscaping in Calgary is a full-service residential landscaping company that offers high-quality design, construction, and installation services. They offer four tips for creating a functional, beautiful, and luxurious yard through landscaping.

1. Create intentional spaces

One way to add functionality, organization, and luxury to your yard is to create distinct spaces. This is especially useful on larger properties but can still be applied to smaller yards. For example, you can have a specific space for gathering and entertaining. The purpose of this area is socializing, so you might include furniture, a fireplace, a wood deck, or a gazebo. Alternatively, you can use retaining walls, flower beds, and hedges to create defined areas in your garden. This breaks up the monotony of open space.

2. Think about the flow

It’s important to connect different parts of your yard. This establishes flow and leading lines, which are pleasing to the eye. You can do this with walkways, either made with concrete pavers or natural stone. Furthermore, if you have an outdoor cooking and eating area, the two should be linked. A key component of functional landscaping is accessibility.

3. Focal points

Focal points are a useful design principle. They help to establish harmony and draw the eye. However, less is more! This is because too many focal points feel crowded and chaotic, which is not ideal for your backyard sanctuary! For most yards, one or two focal points are all you need. Consider a large tree, backyard fire pit, or water feature as your focal point. The rest of the design should form around them, ideally with some leading lines to help guide the eye. Find inspiration for your landscaping project.

4. Features that suit your lifestyle

There are endless ways to live more of your life outside. Creating outdoor versions of your favourite indoor activities gives you more use out of your yard. For example, you can build outdoor kitchens, stone pizza ovens, fire pit areas, or a covered patio to extend the season! This encourages you to spend more time outside, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Additionally, including comfortable outdoor furniture makes it much easier to relax and mingle outside.

Landscapers in Calgary

Kayben Landscaping specializes in attractive, functional, and quality landscaping design that transforms your yard into the luxurious oasis of your dreams. They offer services for both residential and commercial clients.

Their team begins every project with an in-depth consultation before creating your custom yard design. Then, once construction begins, they handle everything. They’re committed to creating a positive and enjoyable experience for their customers, from the first meeting to the final walk-through.

Contact Kayben Landscaping today for your consultation!

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