Tips for Better Air Flow in Your Home

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Alberta winters can be harsh! You rely on your heating system to keep you home warm and comfortable during these colder months. It’s important that you have a furnace you can rely on and that your entire heating system is operating at peak performance. If you notice that areas in your home feel cold, that the furnace takes forever to actually heat up your home or that rooms seem dusty after the furnace runs, you could have blocked or dirty ductwork.

Poor airflow makes your furnace work over time while it tries to heat up your home. Despite it’s efforts, you could still have chilly rooms. Besides the fact that your home doesn’t feel as comfortable as you like, clogged ducts could be drastically reducing your heating system’s efficiency and that means higher utility bills at the end of the month!

Britcan Furnace Cleaning & More Ltd. in Edmonton shares how you can improve the air flow in your home to ensure maximum efficiency from your heating system:

Have your furnace and ductwork cleaned regularly.

air-duct-cleaning-300x225Dust blowing from your ducts into you home can have harmful affects on your health. Plus, you might find you have more than just dust clogging your ductwork. Britcan Furnace Cleaning has found all kinds of things in the ducts they’ve cleaned.  Debris from renovations, dirt, mouse or squirrel nests, cat feces and even lost jewellery have all been found in ducts they’ve worked on. Removing clogs in the ductwork will also increase your home’s efficiency.  An article in House Logic states that in severe cases duct cleaning has improved heating and cooling efficiency 40%.

Learn the importance of regular duct cleaning.

Change your furnace filter regularly.

Your furnace filter stops dust and debris from entering your heating system. If it gets too dirty, it will reduce air movement and increase strain on your furnace as it tries to heat your home. Make sure you change your air filter whenever it looks dirty and every other month during the winter when your furnace is working it’s hardest. Learn more about replacing your furnace filter.

Check your ductwork for leaks.

Energy Star states that in a typical house, 20 to 30 percent of the air that moves through the duct system is lost due to leaks, holes and poorly connected ducts. That results in higher energy bills and difficulty keeping the house comfortable, no matter what you have the thermostat set at.  Contact an HVAC contractor to ensure your ductwork is sealed and working properly.

Edmonton Duct Cleaning Company

Britcan Furnace Cleaning has the experience and expertise for residential and commercial duct cleaning.  They’re approved and provide a high quality of service to Edmonton and area.

Improve your home’s airflow before winter.

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