Tips for choosing granite for your kitchen countertop

Choosing the right granite slab for your kitchen countertops can feel overwhelming with the vast selection available! VE Stone Ltd. in Surrey shares some expert tips to help your selection process go smoothly if you’re a first-time granite shopper.

Go with your gut

Often, the granite slab that stands out to you the most at first is likely the best choice. If you’ve found a slab that you felt matches your cabinets, flooring, and other design elements, take note of it. Often looking at dozens of granite slabs with different tones and patterns can feel daunting and make the decision-making process harder. Instead, consider that one that made you think, “Wow! I really like this one!” and go with your gut.

You can choose an area of a granite slab

Because every slab is so unique, it will have varying graining and colour tones throughout the slab. If you liked the veining or colours in one area of the slab, ask VE Stone if it’s possible to have that section on your countertop. Sometimes, depending on the countertop shape and size, your favourite part of the slab might not make it on the countertop. For example, for large flowing vein patterns on a granite slab, a sweeping kitchen island might work best to showcase that beautiful, natural design.

After reviewing your measurements, they can tell you how much of that favourite slab section will be visible on your new counter. They can also show you where to cut the slab, arrange the sections, and make seams on the countertop. This information might help you make your decision.

Ask the pros

If you’re feeling stuck choosing a granite slab for your home project, ask the professionals at VE Stone. They’ve been outfitting kitchens and bathrooms with beautiful, custom natural stone countertops for a long time. They can show you a selection that best suits your taste, colour scheme and design. They’ve worked on many kitchens and have a knack for what works. VE Stone can also review your budget and make suggestions on granite brands and slabs that will ensure you’re not overspending. Find inspiration with these 5 granite countertop colour options.

Countertops in Surrey

VE Stone Ltd. offers an incredible selection of granite, marble, and quartz countertop products. They have hundreds of different stone colours to choose from. As a granite slab warehouse and full-scale fabrication facility, they offer a diverse variety and the ability to custom cut stone slabs to best meet your needs. Your countertops will be fabricated in-house and installed by their team of experienced, highly-trained countertop installers. Visit their showrooms or call them today for a free estimate.

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