Tips for choosing siding colours

A brand-new siding installation can completely change the look of your home’s exterior and this new-and-improved curb appeal will enhance resale value too. Not sure what colours to choose? Here are some things to consider if you’re hiring Calgary siding contractors to give your home a facelift.

Find colour schemes you like on other houses on your street.

A good place to find inspiration is on your own block! Go for a few long walks and take note of the colour schemes you like in your neighbourhood. You should also make sure that whatever you choose, even if it is unique to your own personal taste, still looks good in it’s surroundings. Having your home stand out too much could have a negative impact if you try to sell it in the future. In some neighbourhoods, you’ll have to adhere to architectural guidelines which could limit your choices.

Make sure it matches the roof colour.

A roof can last up to 25 years and if you’re not due for a roof replacement any time soon, you’ll have to choose a siding colour that will look great with whatever colour your roof already is. Lighter siding looks better with a darker roof and a neutral roof might open the door to a wider variety of colour schemes.


Consider the size and style of your home.

Siding companies can help you choose a siding colour that will look the best on the size of your home. You might like darker colours, but if your home is large, that colour can make your home look a little intense and too dark. Dark and bolder colours are better suited to a small house and allow you to highlight features like trim, shutters and other small exterior accents.

Don’t forget to choose complimentary colours.

Siding contractors can help you choose colours that will best suit your siding installation. Complimentary colours are typically used on trim, windows frames, railings, shutters and entry doors. They can also be used to add a splash of colour on mail boxes, planters and other accents and décor in the yard or around the home outside. Find some great ideas in these 28 inviting home exterior colour pallets.

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