Tips for choosing the best snow removal contractor  

Canadian winters are known for their snow, and for homeowners that means regularly clearing it away. This year, instead of facing another DIY winter, hire a professional snow removal contractor. Instead of clearing your driveway each time it snows, a professional can do it for you. But as with any investment, you want to hire the best choice for the job.

HHS Contracting Inc. in Edmonton is a professional property maintenance company. They explain what to look for when hiring the best snow removal contractors:

Don’t wait to start looking 

It’s never too early to start looking for a contractor come winter. The earlier you start, the more time you have to compare various companies and find the right match. It’ll also give you time to start booking early, so you don’t miss out during the winter rush. Companies like HHS Contracting start their bookings in August to be ready for an October 15th start. Once you’ve found the right company, make sure you book their services right away. That way, you won’t be rushing for a shovel or help come the first snowfall of winter. 

Compare estimates and quotes 

Don’t just settle on one company; take the time to compare offers and services. Some companies clear away snow, but not ice. Other services provide multiple visits during storms, while others will clear sidewalks as well. The City of Edmonton, for example, has a 48-hour turn around bylaw when sidewalks must be cleared of snow. If the company offers sidewalk clearing, it may be a worthwhile service to add. Comparing different services will help you decide what you need and want from a snow removal contractor. 

When comparing quotes, look for details. Find out what is included in the service packages and what is extra. What time of day or week will the snow be removed, and how detailed with the work be? Ask about pricing as well, so that you can choose the best service for the right cost. Some companies charge a set price; others will charge based on snowfall levels. Make sure you know what you get before you pay for any services.

Check for licensing and insurance 

If the company is insured and licensed, it’s a sign that they are qualified for the job. Insurance will cover any damage to your property as well as any slip-and-fall incidents. With the right professional, you won’t have to worry about accidents or damage. Licensed companies also guarantee that you are getting quality service and experience. They’ll bring the right equipment for the job and work quickly and efficiently. 

Get references and read reviews 

A great way to check the reliability and quality of work of a company is to read reviews. Happy customers will speak favourably about the services and quality provided by the company. Any negative reviews will let you know of any potential issues or problems. Also, ask for references and take the time to follow up on those. You can never get enough feedback when investing in the right company. 

Snow Removal in Edmonton

HHS Contracting Inc. strives to provide top quality service, customer care, and satisfaction. Their professionals are fully trained and certified, so they have the expertise for any job. Whether lawn care in the summer or snow removal in winter, HHS Contracting is there for you. 

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