Tips for choosing the best tile for your bathroom renovation

Tile is an essential part of every bathroom. It’s functional, water-resistant, and can elevate the interior design if done correctly. Consequently, tile is an excellent choice for bathroom floors, walls, showers, backsplash, and tub surround. However, with so many different tiles to choose from, how do you select the best ones for Calgary bathroom renovations? Here are our top 4 tile tips for your bathroom remodel.

1. Choose one show-stopper

In design, there are focal points, and there are accents. The room will feel busy, chaotic, and disorganized if too many focal points exist. Therefore, it’s essential to be selective when choosing design elements that might scream for attention. Tile can be a fantastic show-stopper and add a lively flair to your bathroom; however, you don’t want to overdo it. It’s recommended to choose one tile that will be the star of the show. Your other tiles should be accents and complimentary without competing for attention.

2. Pick no more than three tiles

Another easy way to make your new bathroom appear cluttered and chaotic is by including too many tiles. After all, less is often more in the world of design! So try to limit yourself to no more than three tiles for your new bathroom. One star and two complimentary! You can add slight visual interest by varying the size, shape, and pattern of your tiles. This can add variation without becoming overwhelming! Consider using different sizes of tiles or using the same tile in different shapes. If one tile has a busy pattern (your star tile), pair it with solid coloured tiles.

3. Don’t forget about the grout

Grout is important and can significantly impact the overall look of your bathroom. It should not be just an afterthought! You should take care when choosing the colour and thickness of the grout as it can emphasize or de-emphasize the tiles.

Thin lines won’t take away from the tiles. Consequently, this is the best option if you want the tiles to stand out and be the star. On the other hand, if you want the grout to be the feature, opt for thicker lines and a contrasting colour.

Keep in mind that white grout shows dirt far more easily. On the other hand, dark grout may show spots from salt buildup over time.

4. Professional installation

The secret to fantastic-looking tiles is a professional installation. High-quality tiles and intentional design are critically important but will only get you so far if you botch the tile installation. Choosing professional and experienced tile installers in Calgary guarantees that your new tile will look just as good as the rest of your new bathroom.

DIYing your own tile installation is tricky and time-consuming. Plus, it always looks better when the pros do it! Furthermore, some tile materials require specialized tools and are even harder to work with. Professional tile installers have the right equipment and the knowledge to work with all varieties of tile.

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Bathroom renovations in Calgary are not complete without new, beautiful, and professionally installed tile. The tile you choose for your bathroom’s shower, tub surround, floor, walls, and backsplash significantly impacts the design, especially if you want an all-tile bathroom! With so much at stake, choosing an experienced and trusted tile installer is crucial. Fortunately, CJI Tile and Stone in Calgary can help. Their team of Journeyman tile-setters exclusively uses high-quality products to deliver unparalleled and long-lasting results. In fact, all workmanship is backed with a lifetime guarantee.

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