Tips for choosing the right paint colours to attract tenants

Unlike painting a residential suite with specific colours to attract renters, renting a commercial building is different. In addition to attracting tenants, the new colours should also complement the building and suit the space’s purpose.

The best way to ensure just that is to work with commercial painters in Edmonton like JV Painting and Decorating. They’ll ensure a quality finish and offer some tips when choosing the right colours.

Go for classics: beige and tan

There’s a reason classic colours are always a good and safe choice to use, and it’s because they’ve been tried and tested. When appealing to as many potential tenants as you can, beige or tan are two great classic choices. They can lighten up a room, coordinate with any interior design, and still keep things simple enough to be customized later. Any buildings, like apartments or industrial buildings, will pair well in general with a neutral paint scheme.

Well-rounded shades: gray 

If you want to add a more modern touch to your building, gray is an ideal diverse colour. Lighter or darker shades can help brighten a room or add some coziness back into the space. Grays with coloured undertones like blues or greens can even add some visual interest. Inside or out as well, gray will work and can be easily paired with other colours. If you use gray on the exterior, make sure to pair it with other colours that reflect the building’s purpose. Use bright pops next to dark grey to add a fun and trendy feel in a residential building. Or, pair colours from a business logo for a seamless blend in corporate buildings. Professional painters in Edmonton can always help with finding the right blend to pair with gray.

Eye-catching colours: bright yellow

Before you can appeal to tenants with the interior design, you have to start with the building’s exterior. In addition to a clean, welcoming layout, bright, eye-catching colours can easily attract potential tenants. Yellow, for example, is associated with creativity and energy. It makes it a great choice for interior walls as well, but on the exterior, it adds a bright, attention-grabbing addition. Creative designs, such as painting the doors or window frames yellow or picking a specific section of the building to paint, will make it really stand out. Once those tenants are drawn inside, those interior colours will do the rest of the work.

Work with a professional

The best tip when choosing paint colours is to always work with Edmonton commercial painters. JV Painting and Decorating has years of experience and painting design advice. They can help choose colours that both reflect the space and appeal to a wide range of tenants for all building types. If you plan to refresh worn paint, consider asking about a change of colours or a new design. Maybe a new look and style are what your commercial building needs to attract quality tenants and help their businesses succeed.

Ready to paint your commercial building? Contact JV Painting and Decorating!

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