Tips for choosing the right railing for your deck

Adding a railing to your new or even old deck is the perfect way to pull the entire look together. When choosing a railing, though, you want to pick one that is complimentary yet still practical.

Magnolia Plus Construction in Vancouver provides professional deck and railing solutions with guaranteed quality. They share some tips when it comes to choosing the perfect railing match for your deck:

Start with style

When it comes to deck railings, you have a few options for what style to choose. For example, you can choose the traditional look and match it with your deck. Typically, popular choices are a dark deck with a dark railing or a simple design for a simple layout. Another idea is to go for more of a contrast, where the railing becomes the focus. A bright colour, such as white or something bolder and with colour, will make a great addition. For coloured ideas, use your home’s exterior and try to match a shade from there. Likewise, you can mix and match styles with the railing itself. Different coloured posts with a dark coloured railing, for example, will make for a beautiful combination. Need some inspiration? Take a look at these creative ideas for deck railing.

Do you want a view or privacy?

Sometimes, railings are added not just for safety, but for privacy from other neighbours. If privacy is the focus, then go for height and added features such as opaque glass instead of railings. Not only will it help block any view in, but it can even help with outdoor noises. If a view is your focus, though, go for a more open design with shorter- or wider-spaced railings. Keep in mind, though, that the minimum safety height for railings must be always be met. However, more open designs with wider balusters won’t obstruct those views.

What are your budget and maintenance goals?

Some materials, such as wood, look beautiful but come with higher maintenance demands. When it comes to railing materials, it’s important to choose one that fits your budget and your maintenance goals. For that, aluminum is generally the recommended choice. It’s incredibly low-maintenance and, aside from a quick wash or paint, won’t need much care. Cost-wise, it’s also the perfect middle ground between other choices. It’s easy to install, durable, and long-lasting so that initial upfront cost will be the only expense you face.

Add some colour and shape

Black or white may be traditional choices, but don’t feel limited to just that. Railings can come in various colours, ranging from simple muted shades to more vibrant, eye-catching ones. The style as well can be completely customized, so take the time to browse some options. Decorative twists or curves, thick or thin balusters, or different shaped post heads are all options. A railing with a little touch of customization will add both beauty and value to your overall deck.

Deck Builders in Vancouver 

Magnolia Plus Construction offers many years of experience when it comes to deck and railing construction. They provide only the highest quality aluminum products for their customers, and at the right price. With their guidance, skill, and experience, they guarantee a customized solution for your every need.

Don’t hesitate to contact Magnolia Plus Construction!

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