Tips for designing your custom staircase

Stairs are a necessity; however, they can also be a beautiful addition to the interior design of your home. And why shouldn’t your stairs make a statement? Custom staircases, in particular, offer unparalleled beauty and functionality. And you’ll enjoy the superior craftsmanship they’ll add to your home.

Prestige Railings & Stairs Ltd in Calgary build custom staircases for residential properties. They share some tips for building a custom staircase.

Determine your budget

How much are you willing to spend? Whenever you set out on any home improvement or renovation project, it’s essential to lay out a budget. For example, different shapes of staircases come with varying price tags depending on complexity. Additionally, some materials are more economical than others. Once you have a ballpark number, your general contractor can outline your options.

Consider how much space is available

Space is a key determining factor when designing your new, custom staircase. After all, the staircase has to actually fit in your home, so the amount of available space influences the staircase’s shape. For example, straight or L-shaped staircases are best for smaller homes. On the other hand, larger homes can support more enormous, decorative staircases like curved, helical, or U-shaped stairs.

Choose a stair design

This is the fun part, where your personality and interior design tastes really shine through. There are many staircase shapes, layouts, and aesthetics to choose from. For example:

Curved stairs. These are timeless and bring distinguished elegance to your home. They come in many shapes and sizes depending on the room’s size and your personal preferences. Some spiral, while others open in a grand arc.

Half-turn staircase. Also known as U-shaped stairs. They feature a 180° turn between two straight parallel flights of stairs. These stairs can make a statement.

Straight staircases. L-shaped and scissor stairs both feature straight runs of stairs. These are simple with stark, clean lines. They can be made to suit various interior design styles, such as traditional and modern.

Discover new staircase ideas here.

Pick the materials

The materials play a huge role in the style of your staircases and significantly influence your budget. It’s also essential that the material fits with the interior design of your home.

Here are some popular materials for custom staircases:

Wood: lower cost and comes in a variety of different looks.

Metal: more expensive and lower maintenance.

Stone: costly but beautiful and durable.

Stair Builders in Calgary

Prestige Railings & Stairs Ltd build standard and custom staircases in Calgary. They offer a variety of spindles, custom turnings, and stainless steel and glass applications. In addition, they have won twenty Consumers’ Choice Awards for Business Excellence. They pride themselves on unparalleled craftsmanship and customer service.

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