Tips for getting a perfect commercial paint service

Commercial painting plays a big role across many factors including client impressions or employee productivity. Having the right paint job and painting company is essential to ensuring your painting renovation looks pristine. On top of that, there are a few other factors to consider to get those perfect results.

Braves Painting in Calgary is a professional painting company for residential and commercial needs. They share some more tips when it comes to perfecting a commercial painting project:

Consider the scope

Project scope typically focuses on how much work needs to be done and how to manage the timeline. At the same time, once you have the full scope, consider what actually needs to be done. If you have a strict timeline, focus on what buildings or areas would benefit the most from a new paint job. Likewise, consider when you handle the painting. Will it be during the busy summer months or in the quieter winter for a surprise reveal come spring? Consider both how your business runs and what your customers are like before deciding one way or another.

Invest in extra services

Residential painting isn’t the only place where a few extra preparation tasks can make a big difference. Those same services play just as a big a role in a commercial paint job, if not more. Consider getting pressure washing to remove old paint, caulking any gaps to boost efficiency, or sanding the surface for a smoother finish. These extra steps will not only look better in the end, but it also helps ensure your new paint job lasts much longer. When you hire a professional painting company like Braves Painting, they will always ensure proper prep work is done before the paint goes on.

Hire the right company

With commercial paint, you want a company that can both satisfy your business needs and the needs of your customers. Braves Painting specializes in both residential and commercial painting. That means they know what colours attract business, reflect company brands, or what types of paint best withstand the elements for an exterior job. Their professionals can paint different surfaces like brick, rock, vinyl, aluminum, and more.

Other things to always look out for are proper licensing and insurance, a good reputation, and guaranteed work. Braves Painting not only handles the job right the first time, but they also guarantee their services are investments that last for years.

Know when it’s time

Aside from having the right services and help, it’s also important to know when your building needs repainting. Too many repaints and colour changes can actually do more damage than good to customers reeling from the change. Likewise, not repainting often enough and leaving the interior or outside to deteriorate is just as damaging.

If the paint is fading, looks damaged or dirty, it’s a great opportunity to repaint and refresh the look. Otherwise, if your company is rebranding or looking to update itself, a whole new paint job is worth considering. A professional can also always offer advice and ideas when it comes to a painting renovation.

Painters in Calgary

Braves Painting are specialists when it comes to satisfying residential homeowners or boosting commercial buildings. Their professionals are all trained, experienced, and ready to help tackle any project, big or small. With their company helping out, you can enjoy quality results and peace of mind.

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