Tips for lighting up your basement the right way

Having the right lighting in any room is important, especially in the basement. Without proper lighting, basements can easily appear closed off and gloomy. Whether you are renting the space or not, every basement needs the right lighting layout.

Kilts and Cables Electrical Ltd. in Calgary is an experienced and skilled electrical company. They share some tips when it comes to giving your basement the right lighting:

Start with the purpose of the room

Before you plan any lighting layout, first know how your basement will be used. The best type of lighting for a basement suite versus a home theatre, for example, will be different. That is why the best way to maximize lighting is to know who will be using the space. Different layers of light and stylish fixtures will be more appealing for a guest bedroom or living room. Recessed lights or wall lighting is better suited to brighten a suite or home gym. If you plan to have lighting that needs a plug-in, make sure to plan any outlets or locations ahead of time.

Take notice of bulb colours

Bulb colour is another important factor to be aware of and not just when thinking about energy savings. Different coloured bulbs will play different roles in both lighting and overall mood. Bright, crisp lights, for example, are ideal for kitchens or bathrooms. Softer lighting, though, is better suited in bedrooms or living rooms for a more relaxed feeling. Since basements are typically an open floor design, don’t mix too many bulbs in the main area. Instead, stick to one type of light, and customize lighting in any bathrooms or bedrooms.  

Use the rule of three 

The lighting rule of three is especially important to light a basement properly. The layered lighting helps evenly brighten up the basement and adds style. In addition to general lighting, take the time to add plenty of accent lights. Anywhere where shadows are cast, can easily be fixed with a task or accent light. Add undershelf light for bookshelves, a spotlight on some artwork, or decorative fixtures in the space. Desk lamps for task lighting will also provide the right light, without causing eye strain from overhead lights. Even decorative floor lamps can help with layered lighting and add a touch of décor and style.

Add dimmer switches

Dimmer switches are especially ideal in basements where you want to have full control over lighting. Just like other rooms, dimmer switches will also help conserve energy and cut down energy bills. They also give more control over the intensity or dimness of basement lighting throughout the day. If you have a home theatre in your basement, dimming the intensity of the light will be especially useful during any movie nights.

Electricians in Calgary 

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