Tips for Maintaining Your Concrete Driveway

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Whether you have a regular brushed concrete driveway or have invested in decorative stamped concrete, proper maintenance of your driveway will ensure it looks great and lasts longer. GlossWorks Alberta in Calgary gives some tips that will preserve the appearance and lifespan of your driveway or other concrete surfaces.

Clean and seal your driveway.

Cleaning your driveway when needed will keep it looking it’s best. Washing away dirt, grime, mold and other debris could completely restore the look of your driveway and greatly improve the overall appearance of your home’s exterior.

You should also seal your concrete driveway every two years or when the finish starts to show wear. Professional concrete repair, sealing and restoration companies in Calgary can help you determine how often your driveway needs to be sealed based on the amount of vehicle traffic it gets and weather conditions it’s exposed to. GlossWorks Alberta offers a polyaspartic sealer that is a slow curing, deep penetrating, two component polyaspartic coating that can protect your concrete surface for years to come. Polyaspartic sealers do not break down in the UV light and will retain that dark rich look for many years unlike acrylics that need application every season. Other benefits of sealing your concrete include:

– Save time and let GlossWorks Alberta maintain your driveway with free maintenance support.
– Very fast drying, can have light foot traffic in 4 hours.
– Breathable coating as it allows moisture to escape from concrete.
– Save on costly repair bills. Protects concrete and masonry from moisture and concrete breaking freeze/thaw cycles.
– Highlights the color of exposed aggregate and stone.

Avoid using chemical de-icers.

During the winter your driveway and walkways could get slippery! Certain chemical de-icers and salts can cause surface damage to your driveway. Avoid using de-icers that contain ammonium nitrates and/or ammonium sulphates as they can actually start to deteriorate your hard surface. Calcium chloride will do less damage, but is still not the best option as they can kill your lawn if the snow and ice is shoveled there and even corrode metal on your vehicles. The best thing you can do is keep on top of your shoveling and use gravel or sand for traction.

Clean spills and stains as soon as possible.

If your car has been leaking oil or you’ve spilled other staining agents like gasoline and grease it could cause a permanent and unattractive stain on your driveway. Fortunately, power washing and certain concrete cleaning chemicals can remove tough stains with a little elbow grease. Learn how to clean oil off of a driveway.

Concrete Repair, Sealing & Restoration in Calgary

GlossWorks Alberta specializes in the polishing of concrete, marble, terrazzo, and granite. They also repair/resurface concrete driveways, sidewalks, steps, patios and now offer an added sealing for concrete or asphalt through their SuperDriveway program. They also install polyaspartic and epoxy garage coatings, rock coatings, Acrylicon industrial floors, overlayments and underlayments too! They can grind and perform concrete preparation and leveling as well.

Contact them today and discover the GlossWorks difference!


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