Tips for painting the master bedroom and bathroom

Painting the master bedroom and bathroom is different than painting other rooms in the house. When thinking of colours, you either want to choose complementary blends or coordinate the look. That’s why having the right tips will ensure the best look in both rooms without any clashes.

Here are some painting tips for finding the right colours in your master bedroom and bathroom:

Neutral shades

With bedrooms, you never want to pick the same bold, bright colours that you would in other rooms. Bright blues and reds tend to stimulate the brain more and make getting to sleep harder. Instead, stick with neutral shades that add coziness and warmth to the room. Shades of greys, browns, and creams are all great choices. If you want a touch of colour, go for gentle pastels like pale blues or greens that are still calming. Then in the bathroom, choose the same colours but in a different shade. If you have greys in the bedroom, choose teals or pale indigo to add a touch of colour. That will also help add a welcoming spa-like feel to the space and add a sense of spaciousness.

Go for contrast with your decor instead of wall colour

For the bedroom, what colours are the window shades, flooring, and bedding? If the colours are dark, go for a lighter wall to add some brightness and space to the room. In the bathroom, focus on the towels, faucets, or glassware on the counters. Try to avoid dark colours in a bathroom, which make the room feel smaller than it is. For a subtle way to still connect the two rooms, paint the wall trim a simple white or use the same blanket colours for the towels.

Use accent colours for the bathroom

Do you have a generally neutral bedroom scheme, with splashes of colour coming from accent pieces? That can mean blankets, pillows, bedside tables, or even lamps. Layered colours like that are great for a visually interesting room, but without being too colourful.

In the bathroom, you could use those accent colours to paint a feature wall or paint the cabinetry the same colour. Then, keep the rest of the space a similar neutral shade. By drawing in the colours, you get a striking bathroom and a subtle connection to the bedroom. It can also help eliminate the stress of trying to change the colour scheme of either room completely. Instead, you work with what’s there and highlight the best of both rooms.

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