Tips for Picking Paint Colours

Ready to change the look of your home’s interior? Painting is one of the most cost-effective ways to completely transform your home’s look and style. Not sure where to get started? Prima Painting in Edmonton gives some tips for choosing paint colours.

Determine the mood of each room.

Think about how you want to feel when you are spending time in a room. In your bedroom, you might want to choose colours that make you feel relaxed and restful. Choosing soft, cool colours or neutral tones will give the room a quieter mood. For the living room or dining area you could choose contrasting and bolder colours to add a more vibrant atmosphere for socializing or neutral colours to create a blank slate for highlighting your furniture or home décor.

Consider the lighting.

The lighting in each room can change the way your chosen paint colour looks. For example, rooms with lots of windows and natural daylight will show the truest colour where incandescent lighting can make your colour look warmer with a yellowish tone and fluorescent lighting could create a blueish tone. If you’re not sure about how the lighting will affect your paint colour choices, consult with the design professionals at Prima Painting.

Use the colour wheel as a reference.

A colour wheel can be a great way to compare different colours with each other. It can help you determine which colours combinations will look good together and which colour palettes you actually like the most. A colour wheel can also help you visualize the temperature of a colour. Learn how to use a colour wheel to help you understand how to best mix and match a cool colour with a warm one for a naturally balanced room.

Test your colour choice.

Sometimes looking at colour samples on a paint chip doesn’t give you a clear idea of how it’s going to look on your walls.  You can test your favourite colours on a poster board or on the wall itself. You could even paint a few strips of different colours side by side so you can see how each colour looks in the room and in different lighting throughout the day.

Get professional advice from painters in Edmonton.

Consulting with a professional painting company like Prima Painting can be beneficial in helping you choose the right paint colours for your home’s interior. They know  colour and can help you choose colours that best reflect your personal taste, compliment each other and create the perfect ambiance in every room of the house.

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