Tips for planning an exterior paint job for your commercial building

If you’re planning to paint your commercial building’s exterior, there are several things you have to consider. Choosing the colour might seem like the most significant thing, but think about budgeting, preparation, and finding the right contractor for the job.

JV Painting & Decorating offers commercial painting in Edmonton. They share some tips for planning an exterior paint job for your commercial building:

Pick the right time to paint

There are better times of years to paint an exterior than others. Spring, summer, and fall are the best times since winter makes things difficult in Alberta. Cold temperatures and humidity levels can be troublesome for certain types of paint.

Besides the season, you should choose when it is the least disruptive to your business. If you’re a retail shop that gets the most foot traffic in the spring, decide to paint after your busier time. Knowing when employees will not be present can also help determine a good time to paint.

Choosing the right commercial painting contractor

Choosing the right commercial painter in Edmonton is critical to the success of your project. A professional with experience and knowledge will properly take care of repairs and prep work and offer paint type and colour suggestions. They’ll come with the right equipment, supplies, and trained employees to get the job done efficiently and with flawless results.

Determine the scope of work and budget

Setting a budget for your commercial painting project is key. Hiring a professional commercial painting company in Edmonton can assist with this. They can give you a detailed estimate based on your project’s size and complexity, considering things like the cost of labour, paint, and supplies. Labour cost will vary depending on the amount of prep work or repairs required too.

Once you get an idea of the scope of work required, you’ll know what needs to be done and how much it will cost. Having a professional help with this will ensure your project doesn’t run over budget.

Choose paint colours

Now that you have your contractor hired and budget in place, it’s time to choose colours! The exterior walls’ colours must flow nicely with other factors like trim, shingles, and any masonry outside the building. Those elements cannot be changed, or at least changed easily, so your colours must compliment them.

Sometimes the building complex you’re in will have guidelines on paint colours you can choose, but if you can, the colour should reflect your business’s brand and style. A restaurant might choose bolder colours where an office building should go with neutral tones. If you’re not sure, ask the team at JV Painting & Decorating for advice.

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