Tips for renovating a smaller kitchen

All kitchen renovations, whether big or small, will add value and appeal to your home. The difference between sizes, though, is how you go about the renovation. Large kitchens have more room to add features or incorporate additions like islands and breakfast nooks. Small kitchens need a different approach to fully maximize the space.

General contractors in St. Albert like Nest Builder can help you get the most value and function from your kitchen renovation. Here are some tips on renovating a smaller kitchen:

Expand with visuals

If you can’t physically expand a small kitchen, then use some visual tricks to make it feel spacious and open. Incorporating glass in the cabinetry, for example, is one method. Adding glass-fronted doors to the cabinets is an easy way to create that feeling of depth and so more space. Painting the inside of an open cabinet with a bright, eye-catching colour will also help draw the eye upwards and add height to the kitchen.

If you choose an accent light to hang above workspaces, make sure it’s not too dominating. A stylish but smaller light that brightens the space will be more complimentary. Also, consider lighter paint colours to help open up the space.

Be smart about storage

With small kitchen renovations in St. Albert, you only have so much space to work with and only so much storage. It’s easy to over clutter the countertops, but it ruins the visuals of the room. Instead, think ahead and plan clever storage areas and custom cabinets. Pull-out drawers and deep cabinets will make storing and accessing pots and pans much easier. Narrow drawers are ideal for spices, while a recessed nook on the counter can keep the coffee pot out of the way. Mix and match closed cabinets with open shelving to create both visual interests and make the most of any wall space you can. Just don’t add too much, or else the visuals will backfire instead.

Plan your budget

It’s easy to get swept up in buying materials or adding new features, but don’t forget about the cost. In a small kitchen, it’s better to focus on select luxury upgrades and maximize the kitchen space and layout. Things like quality faucets, refinished cabinets or new hardware will go a long way to make the kitchen look stylish. It’ll have all the qualities of a high-end space, but without breaking the budget.

Decide what’s lacking

If you’re doing kitchen renovations in Edmonton, chances are it’s because something about it is lacking. Before starting any work, think about what is missing in your kitchen. Could the layout be improved, or are the cabinets looking worn and faded? Maybe the countertop just isn’t up to snuff anymore, and a new type would make food prep a breeze. Start by writing down anything that comes to mind, then turn that into a priority list. It’ll make deciding what to renovate and how to shape your budget that much easier.

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