Tips for Spring Yard Clean Up

Spring is on it’s way and it’s a great time to start thinking about hiring a professional landscaper to provide a thorough spring yard clean up service. Spring clean up will give your grass, flowers, plants, shrubs and trees a healthy start to the summer season ahead.

CLH Garbage & Refuse Removal in Vancouver offers professional landscaping services for your residential and commercial property. They offer tips for spring yard clean up:

Haul away broken patio furniture and other junk that’s in your yard.

If you have some damaged patio furniture, broken garden tools, rusty old kid’s bikes and other junk in your yard that’s been sitting out all winter, the spring is the best time to have all that stuff hauled away. CLH Garbage and Refuse Removal offers waste collection services and will ensure anything that can be recycled will be taken to the right facility.

Remove leaves and debris.

Once all that junk is out of the way, start removing all the natural debris from the property. That includes removing leaves, twigs, branches and rocks from the yard. Leaves and other debris can smother your lawn. Clearing them away allows the grass to breath so it can grow thick and lush.

Clean up flower and garden beds.

Remove leaves, debris, dead weeds and plants from your flower beds. Not only will this make the flower beds look healthier and cleaner, it will also give your living plants more room to thrive.  Loosen the soil around your plants to allow air, water and nutrients to be absorbed more easily.

Trim your trees and shrubs.

Be careful when trimming your trees and shrubs. Certain trees and shrubs do better if they are pruned at specific times of the year. Most non-flowering deciduous trees and summer-flowering shrubs can be prune in late winter or early spring. All spring-flowering trees and shrubs should be pruned after they’ve bloomed. Trimming too early could affect their bloom cycle. You can also prune summer vines in the late winter and early spring including hops, trumpet vine and actinidia. Ivy and Virginia Creeper can be trimmed any time.

Leave your cedar, yew, juniper and pine pruning for the summer or early fall. You should always remove the dead or damaged branches of these trees first. Learn how to prune a tree.

CLH Garbage & Refuse Removal will ensure that your trees and shrubs are trimmed correctly, at the right time so your plants have an attractive shape, are healthier and more productive. They’ll also remove all of the debris and branches from your property when they’re done!

Landscapers in Vancouver

The highly trained technicians at CLH Garbage & Refuse Removal can trim your bushes, shrubs and trees as well as clean out your flower beds and decorative garden or cemented areas, and install new landscaping fixtures on your property. They’ll also haul all of the debris away!

If you already hire CLH Garbage & Refuse for regular waste removal, just add their landscaping services to your contract and you won’t have to worry about your property’s lawn and yard care.

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