Tips for working with a handyman on various projects  

If you have a list of small projects a mile long that just keeps growing, don’t feel stressed that you have to tackle it alone. Hiring a handyman to help saves a lot of time, stress, and possibly some project learning curves. Before you hire just anyone, make sure you are completely organized and ready to maximize that help.

Justin G Interior Construction in Calgary is a full-service handyman company. They share some tips when it comes to organizing and planning small projects:

Make a detailed list

It’s likely that you already have an ongoing list of projects, but how detailed is it? Do you know which items are urgent and which can wait? Or what projects are ones that you would like to see done compared to ones that affect your home’s value? Are there any problems causing a safety issue? Start with prioritizing items by doing a walkthrough of your home. Then, see if any of the work can be grouped to maximize the time your handyman is there.

Sort what you can DIY

Working together with a handyman will remove a lot of the stress from the bulk of the projects. That said, two people at work are better than just one when it comes to tackling work. Check your list of projects and see if any job (or multiple jobs) can be DIYed to save some costs. If it’s simple, like changing outlet faceplates or unclogging a toilet, do it yourself. If it’s more complicated, like repairing drywall, installing flooring, or retiling the bathroom, then leave it to the handyman.

Budget time and costs

Start researching handyman services and rates so you can put together a detailed budget for the work. You may find that some projects aren’t really necessary or can wait until later if the cost is too high. Calculate the costs for any new materials, replacements, and how many hours it will take. Don’t forget to ask your handyman for an estimate as well before they get started. Also, take the time to factor in the timeline of the work involved. Some projects may have more than one step or visit necessary to complete the work. Find out what work is involved and then readdress your list accordingly.

Give your handyman the list

As a professional, your handyman may have some suggestions for prioritizing work or grouping projects. Giving them your now detailed list will help make the process easier and let them work through what is urgent and what isn’t. It’ll also let your handyman maximize their time so that you get the best work and completion for your money.

Handyman in Calgary

Justin G Interior Construction offers a full range of handyman services with guaranteed quality for each. With years of experience and proven customer satisfaction, they understand the importance of both quality and care. Any project you need, from drywalling, interior framing, painting, flooring, and more, Justin G Interior Construction is the company to call.

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