Tips from a general contractor for your bathroom renovation

After the kitchen, the bathroom is the most commonly renovated room in the house. A beautiful and attractive master bathroom will make getting ready for your day more enjoyable, and create a space for relaxation as well. Plus, a bathroom renovation can improve resale value of your home, which is essential if selling is on the horizon.

Sharp Building Solutions in Edmonton are a professional general contractor. They share some master bathroom renovations that you will love and that will wow any potential buyers:

Stick with a neutral theme if you’re selling

It may be tempting to paint the master bathroom in a new colour palette, but it’s really best to leave it neutral. You want buyers to walk in and see a space that they can customize and can envision themselves relaxing in. Choosing a specific colour theme takes away from that by inputting personal tastes. Also, choose clean and light colours to help create a sense of calm ambiance. It’ll help give the master bathroom a bright, spa-like environment that is very appealing to buyers.

Updated and luxurious features

You don’t have to go all out with the features but adding a few can great change how your bathroom both looks and functions. Low-flow showerheads, toilets, and faucets are highly popular, as they save both money and are eco-friendly. If you plan to add coloured fixtures, stick with classic colours. Chrome, nickel, and bronze, for example, are all popular colours that add elegance to the bathroom. Take a look at these bathroom renovation design ideas for some more inspiration. Other luxury additions can mean adding in-floor heating or a new walk-in shower for a really appealing wow factor.

Invest in a shower upgrade

Not all homeowners will want that luxury, free-standing soaker tub, especially if they aren’t bath people. Instead of investing in both a luxury shower and tub upgrade, just stick with the shower. There are plenty of features that can be added to a shower that will turn a daily routine into something rejuvenating. Built-in seating or glass enclosures, for example, are quickly taking over the shower scene. Plus, everyone will use a shower. If buyers do want a bathtub in their master bathroom, it’s an easy addition to install down the road. Just make sure that there is a bathroom somewhere in the house that has a bathtub.

Lots of counter space and storage

It may be tempting to build a his-and-her sink vanity, but there’s no guarantee that the trend will last. Likewise, it may well be that not all future buyers will want that arrangement in their bathroom. One guarantee that will stick, though, is that buyers want lots of space in a master bathroom. If you want a feature sink idea, then install a vessel sink for that elegant addition. Plus, vessel sinks still leave plenty of counter space. Don’t forget plenty of storage as well, such as cabinets for towels, cleaning supplies, deep drawers or custom laundry bin storage.

General Contractors in Edmonton

Sharp Building Solutions will work with you at every step of your project to ensure a completely stress-free process. By taking the time to create a tailored plan for your budget, timeline, and goals, they create custom game plans for every customer. Sharp Building Solutions offer renovations for bathrooms, kitchens, and basements, as well as home additions and more. When you work with them, they guarantee to turn visions into achievable realities.

Contact Sharp Building Solutions today for any questions or services!

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