To cover or not to cover your Outdoor Furniture that is the question?

Written by Outdoor Rooms Without Walls in Edmonton

The quest to find the perfect cover has been an industry problem since the first twigs were twined together to make a chair. We have come a long way in cover choices, but more importantly the increased quality of the materials now available in outdoor furniture that allows you the option to cover or not to cover your outdoor furniture.

Some frames & fabrics don’t need to be covered.

If you have purchased a quality Resin Woven or powder coated Aluminum frame there is no need to cover your furniture at all. These materials are made to withstand our elements and won’t fade, peel and crack like other “not so good” finishes found out there? We name no names…you will simply hose off your furniture periodically to keep the dust and sometimes spider webs off and continue to rest comfortably. Or use a mild soap and water mixture to wash down the finish.

Along with quality frames and finishes having Sunbrella fabrics and reticulated foam cushions will make it an easy decision. Sunbrella is water and fade resistant material that can also endure the harsh weather we encounter each summer and having reticulated foam will safeguard your cushions throughout the raining season!

Tips and tricks for keeping things dry. 

There are a few tricks that will help keep your cushions dry without hauling them in every night by simply lifting your cushions up before you retire for the evening “just in case a monsoon rolls in” allows the water to run right through the cushion and stops it from getting saturated, where then mold and mildew can then accumulate and truly is a summer buzz kill!

Good quality cushions should have zippers and removable and washable cushion covers and if you have Sunbrella covers no need to put them in the dryer because Sunbrella fabrics are made with Acrylic yarn so they come out bone dry and ready for the next dust storm coming our way!

Rainproof covers from ORWW.

Because sectionals come in all shapes and sizes it is impossible for manufacturers to make a one size fits all sectional cover… until now! At ORWW we carry high-quality full coverage rainproof furniture covers that will fit any size sectional, including extra pieces like fire tables, coffee or end tables or any furniture that encompassed that space. They come in four sizes, with designer handles, hood air vents on both sides, click-close straps and adjustable cork lock closures to protect your furniture year-round.

Or if it makes you feel better to store your cushions after each use,  gone are the large deck boxes that takes up a good portion of your deck space and newly arrived are the new cushion bags that are made of durable materials, strong zippers, available in two great colors and sizes along with a 3-year warranty so, it really is in the bag!

Stop by ORWW to check out all of our covers or not to cover options and enjoy everyday in your outdoor space this summer!

It’s time to step outside the box and into Outdoor Rooms Without Walls!


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