Top 5 reasons to have your air ducts professionally cleaned

Professional maintenance, including regular duct cleaning, is crucial for the upkeep of HVAC systems. The ducts are responsible for the circulation of clean air throughout your home. However, if these ducts become dirty or clogged with grime, it can lower the air quality in your house and damage your HVAC system.

Genesis Furnace & Duct Cleaning in Edmonton are your local duct cleaning experts. They offer a few reasons why professional duct maintenance is so important.

1. Cleaner Air Quality

Airborne allergens and other particles accumulate in your air ducts over time. As a result, air circulating throughout your home becomes contaminated. Ultimately, you end up breathing pollen, bacteria, pet dander, mildew, mould, and other micro-organisms. This can irritate those with asthma or allergies. However, specific contaminants (like mould and mildew) are problematic for everyone’s health. Consequently, proper and professional air duct cleaning is essential! Without it, dirty air ducts negatively impact the air you and your family breathe. 

2. Less Dust

As dust builds up in your ducts, it gets blown back through your home. It could result in a home that seems dusty as soon as you clean it. In fact, relentless dust build-up on surfaces around the house is a clear sign that you’re overdue for a duct cleaning! The professional duct cleaners at Genesis Furnace & Duct Cleaning will help you win the war against dust, thus keeping your home tidy and the air clean.

3. Improved energy efficiency

It’s nearly impossible for an HVAC system to be efficient if it’s dirty. Why? Dust and grime build-up restricts airflow throughout your home, forcing your HVAC unit to work harder to do the same job. Therefore, your HVAC cannot run at peak efficiency if your ducts are clogged. This means higher utility bills for you.

4. Eliminate unpleasant smells

Does the air from your ducts or HVAC unit smell a little funny? This is another sign that it’s time to book a professional duct cleaning. Strong odours, such as paint fumes, cleaning products, tobacco, and fragrant cooking, get trapped in the ducts and circulate throughout your house. Additionally, mould growth within the ducts can lead to unpleasant smells.

5. Prevent breakdowns

Dirty ducts are not good for the performance or longevity of your HVAC unit. Dust, dirt, grime, and other contaminants build up within the HVAC system and cause problems. This often leads to expensive and entirely preventable repairs. As a result, duct cleaning is an essential part of maintaining your HVAC system.

Duct Cleaning in Edmonton

Genesis Furnace & Duct Cleaning provides expert HVAC services to homeowners and businesses in Edmonton. They specialize in duct cleaning, maintenance, sealing, and installation. Additionally, they offer commercial HVAC solutions and kitchen and bathroom fan upgrades. All of their technicians are highly trained, knowledgable, and reliable.

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