Top considerations for your basement renovation

Basement renovations add a lot of value, but they also require proper planning and consideration. To really maximize the space, you want to have a game plan and take steps to prevent future issues. That’s where Nest Builder in St. Albert can help when it comes the effective design and execution of your basement renovation.

Here are some top considerations:

Start with moisture prevention

One of the main issues with basement renovations in St. Albert is the higher risk of moisture, which risks mould and other damage. A well-planned basement won’t face this problem, so tackle this issue first. To start, seal any cracks with caulking and make sure there is proper ventilation. A basement suite will legally require windows, so that covers some ventilation. If there is already moisture build-up or humidity in the space, invest in a dehumidifier to keep the air clean and clear. That will help prevent any moisture from settling in and causing future damage.

Design with purpose

Basements can be used in many ways and even as a multipurpose space. It’s ideal for a home gym or theatre, it can be a playroom for kids or a full suite for guests or renters. For that reason, it’s important to think about how the space will be used. If you’re planning to sell, consider finishing the space but leaving it open for potential buyers to customize themselves. Otherwise, what sort of basement renovations in Edmonton would add the most value? Would a new bathroom do the trick or a secondary living room space? Maybe a basement suite that can accommodate visiting relatives would make the holidays even better. Or, perhaps your basement renovation needs to include a home office. Think about the why and create a thoughtful design plan for your basement renovation.

Plan the HVAC next

Once you have a purpose in mind for your basement, the next consideration is heating, cooling, and electrical systems. During the winter, a well-insulated basement will stay warm despite the cold. Likewise, in the summer, the space tends to stay cooler. That said, it’s not always the case for all basements. Investing in proper heating and cooling systems will ensure that no matter what, every room in your basement is comfortable.

Plan the electrical installations

As for electrical work, creating a lighting plan and wiring for things like entertainment centres or home offices is key. Plan a lighting design that includes ambient, task, and accent lighting. To brighten up the space, incorporate windows with large wells to bring in natural light. Basements also need an exhaust fan in the bathroom and enough outlets on the walls for convenience and to keep wires out of sight.

Leave it to the professionals

DIY basement renovations are tempting, especially given the cost of a basement renovation. Still, when it comes to quality assurance and following legal codes, general contractors in St. Albert are best. Aside from handling the actual work, they can also help brainstorm designs and ideas for the space. Their eye for detail will guarantee you get the best layout and materials that add value without breaking the budget. The renovation process will be handled much quicker as well with an experienced project manager, so you can enjoy your new space sooner.

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