Top landscaping ideas for a beautiful yard

Implementing a few simple design principles can go a long way to creating a beautiful yard. If you’re feeling at a loss for ideas, keep reading for some inspiration. You can also contact your landscape or garden designer, who will help you bring your vision to life.

Fostercare Property Services in Edmonton is a full-service landscaping company. They provide a wide range of services, including yard care, lawn trimming, fertilizing, horticultural services, and landscaping. Here they offer their top 3 ideas for creating a beautiful yard this spring.

Plan for a beautiful yard throughout every season

Think about every season if you’re embarking on a new landscaping project this spring. Since gardens typically look their best in spring, it’s easy to plant and plan exclusively for that season. However, your yard exists all year round! Designing your exterior space to be aesthetically pleasing and functional, no matter the season enables you to make the most of this area. Selecting the right plants is one way to beautify your yard for the whole year. Choose flowering plants that bloom in spring and summer, shrubs that create beautiful fall foliage in autumn, and trees that provide visual structure in winter.

Pick a focal point

Creating a harmonious garden requires some thought. When you look at your garden, it should take you on a visual journey. Your eye should be drawn to different elements. Having a focal point and arranging your garden around it creates a space that feels calm, relaxing, and pleasing to look at. It’s best to only have one focal point unless you have a large yard, and even then, be careful not to overdo it. There needs to be ample room between every focal point. The surrounding accents should complement, not compete for attention. By planning your garden’s design with the help of your landscaper, you get a better end result.

Use layering to create visually interesting flower beds

Fostercare Property Services provide garden and landscape bed installation. But what flowers and plants look best in these beds? When making your selections, it’s helpful to think of how you want to layer different plants. Layering is a crucial design principle.

In flower beds, plant in three rows. Arrange the plants based on their type and height to strike a balance of variety and cohesion. The tallest layer should be the back row, featuring bushes and trees. In the middle, place flowers and grasses. The front row will have short plants, such as bulbs and herbs. Additionally, consider how perennial and annual flowers go together. For example, do they bloom at the same or different times?

Landscapers in Edmonton

Fostercare Property Services provides reliable and stress-free yard landscaping services to residential and commercial property owners in the Edmonton area. In addition, they offer snow removal services during winter. They are committed to their customers and use their expertise to bring yards to the next level. Their team is experienced in landscape and garden design, construction, and maintenance.

Contact Fostercare Property Services for your next landscaping project!

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